Beauty Talk: Best Mascaras

Beauty Talk: Best Mascaras

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday! I’ve recently gotten a TON of questions about what mascaras I use sooo I figured it was time to write a whole post on my favorites. I’m a mascara junkie – I loveee it and probably own WAY too many, but I’m OK with it! Today I’ll share what I’ve been using recently that I’ve been loving!

Beauty Talk: Best Mascaras

1. Stila Huge Extreme Lash: This has been my latest obsession and I absolutely love it. It’s great not only for lengthening but for providing volume as well. I also love using black mascara and I feel like this one is super black. It’s a very wet formula so it’s great for someone who loves to add a lot of layers (me!). The only downfall with this mascara is that it’s messy! Whenever I close the tube there’s ALWAYS mascara on the outside and it creates quite the mess.

2. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: I always feel SO funny when people ask me what mascara I’m wearing and I have to tell them it’s called “Better Than Sex.” But seriously, this stuff is GOLD. I love layering this mascara on top of the Stila Huge Extreme Lash. This one is also a pretty wet formula so it’s great for layering. You can let the Stila mascara dry a bit and then go ahead and apply this one on top after. Both mascaras are great on their own but I personally love the combination of the two!

3. Benefit They’re Real Lengthening Mascara: Ok guys this one has been a tried and true favorite for YEARS now. And I’m sure you’ve heard all about it from other people BUT let me tell you how I use this mascara. In my opinion, this one is great for lengthening and getting rid of any clumps that may have formed. I usually apply this one after the Too Faced one (I know, seems so high maintenance and it kind of is! lol). I don’t always apply this one but if I’m feeling fancy, I’ll do the extra step. I’ll also use this one on my bottom lashes. I feel like the previous two mascaras I mentioned are too thickening to use on my bottom lashes so I usually use this one! I love this mascara too because of the applicator. It has a ball on the end of it that helps reach those tiny lashes that you can’t typically reach with a normal applicator.

4. Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer: I feel like lash primers are often overlooked and I wish people realized the beauty of them! I’ll be honest – I rarely use one but when I do, I use the Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer. This is so great for lengthening your lashes BEFORE you even put mascara on. You apply this – it looks funny because it’s white – and then you apply your mascara right on top! It really works wonders and I highly recommend using this for someone who doesn’t have the longest lashes. It makes a world of a difference!

5. Tarte Mandater: Another great name for a mascara if you ask me! This one is another favorite that I’ve been loving recently. First of all, the packaging is SO cute. Also this mascara is another great one for lengthening! I’ll use this one the same way that I use the Benefit one. It’s great on it’s own if all you’re looking for is lengthening and a bit of volume, but I think it works best when layered on top of another mascara!

Here’s a few pictures where you can see my lashes: Beauty Talk: Best Mascaras See full post here!

Beauty Talk: Best Mascaras See full post here!

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Beauty Talk: Best Mascaras See full post here!

Alright so there’s a few of my favorite mascaras and the ones that I love to wear together! I’ve recently been trying to share more beauty “tips” on my Instagram stories and sometimes I’ll even do an Instagram live while getting ready! Feel free to reach out with any questions!!

There ya have it! Todays Beauty Talk: best mascaras! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thanks for reading! XO, Lauren


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