Meet Lauren!

I graduated from Fairfield University with a degree in Communications. I also recently graduated from Sacred Heart University with my Masters in Elementary Education. I am currently working at a local elementary school as a 1st grade teacher and I’m loving every minute of it! 

I started this blog because I love clothes – thats obvious, right? I think that clothes and fashion are the best way to express yourself. An outfit says a lot more about a person than you’d think. I love sharing my daily outfits & makeup with all of you! I love to shop and I may or may not have a shopping problem (yikes!) but I figured I could at least turn that into something positive – by sharing my favorite fashion items with you! 

I pride myself in being open and honest with you. I love sharing clothes that I love but I also want to provide you (my readers) with my true opinion. I want you to come to my blog when you don’t know what to wear in the morning or to a party or a BBQ (or anywhere!) and you need a quick and simple (get it, “simply” lauren ha!) idea for an outfit. 

I hope you come to Simply Lauren Rose and you leave with positive thoughts. I’m a REAL person and I try to share as much of that with you here! Nobody’s perfect, right? 

Quick Facts About Me:

Name: Lauren

Birthday: 10/07/1992

Hometown: Fairfield County, CT

Favorite Color: light blue

Favorite Food: mashed potatoes or pizza or chicken parm

Favorite Snack: Skinny Pop or goldfish

Favorite Thing(s) to Do: Shop (duh!), read, photography (by no means am I a good photographer, but it’s fun to pretend!), going to the beach, and many more!

Favorite Candy: Reese’s

Favorite Music: Country (I’ll usually share a song I’m loving on my Snapchat *laurenrosesnaps*)

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Thanks for reading!

XO, Lauren

**For any business inquiries or collaborations email Lauren at simplylaurenrose@gmail.com**

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