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All Things Hair, Skin & Makeup!

Hi everyone! I often get asked about my haircare routine, skincare routine & what makeup I use so I thought it was time to sit down and put together a comprehensive post that you can come back to at any time!

I’m going to share what I currently use for my hair, skin & makeup! I hope this is helpful for you!

*Click on any item in the collage to be taken directly to it!

Updated Makeup Routine February 2021

Brushes I Use


Shampoo || Colleen Rothschild – this is a new shampoo for me (been using it for about 2 months) and I have fallen in love with it! It’s gentle, gets my hair clean, and smells amazing! A little goes a long way and you’ll get a good lather with it!

Conditioner || dae – another new product for me! I got this one during the Sephora VIB sale and have fallen in love with this one as well. It makes my hair SO smooth and shiny. It also smells amazing.

Hair Mask || Colleen Rothschild – I will sometimes replace conditioner with a hair mask and when I do, I always use this one. It smells like the shampoo (amazing) and works wonders on my hair. I love this stuff!

Hair Primer|| Amika – I have been using this product for years now. It makes brushing my hair after the shower so much easier because it gets rid of any tangles.

Volumizing Mousse || Navy Hair Care (use code SIMPLY for 30% off) – Navy Hair Care has so many great products but this one is one of my favorites. I apply a small amount of this to my wet hair after I shower and it adds SO much volume to my roots. It doesn’t make your hair feel gritty at all, either! Love this stuff!

Curling Wand || t3 whirl trio – I have been using this curling wand since I can remember. I am still learning how to use it with my shorter hair but I do use the 1″ barrel and I love the way my curls come out! Once I have it down pat, I’ll share my new technique with you guys! I feel like this tool is worth every penny and is the reason why my curls last so long. When my hair was longer I was using the 1.5″ barrel.

Blow Dryer || t3 cura – So my hair dryer is actually the older model of this but they’re pretty similar. I love this blow dryer and it comes with a round brush. Gets the job done quickly which I like!

Hair Serum || Colleen Rothschild – this stuff is GOLD. I have been using this and talking about this for a long time now. Makes me hair SO smooth & shiny and helps combat frizz. And, yep you guessed it, it smells AMAZING.

Finishing Spray || Navy Haircare (use code SIMPLY for 30% off) – ok this is probably my FAVORITE product out of all of these. I know I’ve said everything I use smells amazing but this is the winner. Best smelling product I’ve ever used. Oh and it does help make your hair look great, too :-).


Morning Skincare

Makeup Remover Wipes || Aveeno – I have legit used these for YEARS! They are the most gentle on my skin and they get the job done. They don’t hurt at all & they have a nice subtle scent.

Face Oil || Palmer’s – I had heard many other people talk about this face oil and was def a bit weirded out by putting an oil on my face BUT I have to say I LOVE it. My face feels so moisturized and ready to go for the day after applying this! I just finished my third bottle and need to order more ASAP!

Moisturizer || Charlotte Tilbury – this product was gifted to me and I fell in love with it. It is definitely pricey so I don’t know that I’ll be repurchasing it, BUT if you’re in the market for a great moisturizer and you’re okay with spending money on it, go for this!

Nighttime Skincare

Cleansing Balm || Colleen Rothschild – this is a product I’ve used since I started blogging – so for almost 6 years now!! This is THE BEST stuff to get your makeup off. If you wear mascara like me, then you need all the help you can get taking it off. This cleansing balm is SO incredibly gentle yet effective at the same time. It comes with a cloth to help take off your makeup.

Makeup Remover Wipes || Aveeno – I will use these makeup remover wipes again to take off any eye makeup that may not have come off with the cleansing balm.

Glycolic Acid Pads || Colleen Rothschild – I will then use these exfoliating pads a few nights a week (2-3x) to exfoliate my face and get rid of any dead skin, etc. These are spa-like quality and I love them so much!

Face Oil || Colleen Rothschild – whenever I use the exfoliating pads above, I always follow with this face oil! I love this stuff – so gentle and moisturizing.

Face Wash || Tata Harper – I’ll be honest – I don’t wash my face everyday. I know, crazy of me, but it’s what works for me! When I do wash my face, I’ll typically wash it in the shower when I wash my hair. This is my favorite face wash ever! It’s also an exfoliator but it’s super gentle!

Retinol Oil || Awake Beauty – I will use this retinol oil when I don’t use the exfoliating pads. I’ve noticed that my skin is starting to show my age and I want to combat any aging/wrinkling that I may be getting so I decided to add a retinol oil into my skincare routine. It’s very gentle and I feel like it has worked well for my skin! It’s 25% off this weekend with the code BFF.

Lip Mask || Awake Beauty – I have always been a fan of the Laneige lip mask UNTIL I tried this one. To me, this one actually makes a difference on my lips when I wake up in the morning. I keep one of these in my bathroom and on my nightstand. I apply it at night and wake up with super soft lips!


I’m not going to go into detail with this one because I feel like I’ve written so many posts on my makeup favorites! I also have a ton of makeup “tutorials” saved on my highlights on my IG! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!

I hope this post was helpful and that you can use it as a resource whenever you’re looking for any of my skincare, haircare, or makeup products! XO!

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