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All Things HOME

I’ve been making a lot of changes in my house lately and I thought it would be a good idea for me to put all of my home decor finds in one post to make it easy for you guys to shop or get inspo from!!

*If there’s anything not linked, it means it’s no longer available!

Updates as of February 2021

Floral Print || Bed Frame || King Pillows || Duvet Cover (use code LAURENROSE for a discount!)|| Duvet Insert || Barefoot Dreams Blanket

I originally had smaller prints above my bed (see below) and they just didn’t look right. I was on the hunt for something bigger and I found this one at Target and I am so happy with how it looks!

Corner Shelf || Shop decor below!

I needed something for this space in my bedroom and I like this corner shelf (for now)! I’m sure I’ll change this space up often lol. I have high ceilings in my bedroom so I wish the shelf was a bit taller. All of the decor can be found below!


Floor Length Mirror

All of this can be found linked below but I wanted to include these updated pictures because I added this floor length mirror here instead of where I had it before! This floor length mirror is from Target and I’m not sure if it’s still available!

Seagull Prints

This is the spot that I originally had the floor length mirror but it just didn’t look right! I have these seagull prints here now and I like them! Nothing is permanent which is great so I can change it at any time!

Triangle Shelf || Floating Shelf || Pillow Inserts || Pillow Cases

I love this shelf for all of my essential oils! I also love this floating shelf for this diffuser and my security system! These pillows are from amazon and I have had them for a while now! This bench is from home goods so I can’t link it!

Desk || Chair || Rug

This is a peek at my office space! It’s definitely still a work in progress but I am loving how it’s looking so far!


Couch || Rug || Coffee Table || End Table || Table Lamp || Floor Lamp || Console Table || TV

For those of you that don’t know, the couch was in the house before I moved in! The previous owners asked if I wanted to buy it from them and I said yes! I think it fits the space perfectly, it’s great quality, and it’s incredibly comfortable!

My rug is SO comfy and I’m actually so happy with it. I have the 8′ x 12′ size!

I am also so happy with the coffee table and end table! They were very easy to put together on my own!


Mirrored Cabinet || Round Mirror || Framed Leaves || Large Mirror || Cherry Blossoms || Glass Jug || Faux Tree

I found this mirrored cabinet on Wayfair and I loved it! I have been using it to store random things that don’t really have a home in my house yet! I also love being able to put decor on top. I also LOVE this big mirror that I got on top!


Bed Frame || King Pillows || Duvet Cover || Duvet Insert || Barefoot Dreams Blanket || Good Vibes Only Prints || Frames

This duvet cover is SO incredibly soft and comfy. I LOVE it so much and it makes me so excited to get into bed each night lol. I also love my sheets! They are my favorite sheets ever! You can get $25 your purchase of $100+ off with code LAURENROSE.


Chair || Floating Shelf || Artwork || Faux Plant || Wooden Bowl

I love how this little area turned out!


Table || Basket || Faux Plant

This little corner of my room is very much a work in progress still! I have added a few little details to it that I think is starting to look nice!

Mirror || Console Table || Faux Plant || Tall Lamp || Lamp Shade || Small Lamp || Basket || Faux Eucalyptus || Glass Vase || Clock || Rug

I’m also so happy with how this space turned out! Before it was empty and it didn’t excite me. But now every time I see it, I get so happy!


Faucet || Pan || Electric Kettle || Dish Towels || Tea Box

I recently had to replace my kitchen faucet and I am SO happy with the new one! It’s amazing how excited I get over things like this now lol.


Egg Chair

I couldn’t have a home post without sharing this chair!! I love it SO much and I’m so excited for the warmer weather to be able to sit in it outside again! This one is IDENTICAL to the Target one and $200 less!


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