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i’ve gotten SO many questions about my Apple Watch over the years so i think it’s finally time for a whole blog post dedicated to it! i’ll answer some questions you guys have had about the Apple Watch and i’ll also share exactly why i love it and what i use it for! stay tuned till the end because i’ll share all of my favorite watch bands too!

UPDATE (2021): here is a link to the closest model of the watch I have. Mine is a few years old at this point so I’ve linked the most similar version! And two years later, I still LOVE my Apple Watch!

ok so let me start out by saying i’ve had an Apple Watch since they’ve come out. i started with the first edition and i recently upgraded to the latest edition and let me tell ya, it made a HUGE difference. my first apple watch got SUPER slow and died within a few hours! my new one’s battery life is AMAZING – will last almost 2 days without a charge! i also love it because it’s so fast and accurate. i do not have the apple watch with cell phone service so i don’t pay any extra money on it monthly. we paid in it for full and haven’t had to pay anything else since its connected through blue tooth.

here is the watch band that my watch came with! i love this one! *everything is linked at the end of the post under SHOP THE POST!

the face that i currently have on my new watch is called “Infograph Modular.” I typically customize my watch face on the “watch” app on my phone. this makes it super easy to put what you want, where you want it! i’ll insert a picture of what my current face looks like below and how i have it set up in the “watch” app.

the main things that i use my watch for are: tracking my steps, exercise – recording my workouts, timers, sending messages, reading emails quickly when i need to, and my favorite feature: PINGING MY PHONE when i can’t find it!

i set goals for myself for my workouts based on the workout app on my watch. i tell myself i want to walk/run a certain amount and until i get to that point, i won’t stop my workout. i love it for tracking my workouts because there’s so many options offered – indoor/outdoor walk/run, stair stepper, elliptical, barre class, spin class and so much more! i use it as motivation to get my body moving and to set goals and accomplish them! another great thing about the watch is that you can “challenge” others who have the watch and this can be motivation for each other to workout and to push yourself!

as for the timer app – i love using this during school and when i need to give my students a time limit. i’ll quickly set that time on my watch and they’ll know that when the timer goes off, they need to clean up and move on to the next task. i also will use it for when im making dinner or something and ill set the timer on my watch so i don’t forget to check on my food!

also i’m SO guilty of misplacing my phone or leaving it somewhere around the house and not being able to find it. the BEST feature on the watch (in my opinion) is the PINGING feature. you swipe up from your home screen, click a button, and if your phone is in range, it’ll PING wherever it is! this has helped me find my phone SO many times!

ok so those are just a few reasons why i love my apple watch and what i use it for. now let’s get into the questions you’ve asked about my apple watch!

q: where do you get good quality bands?

a: here are some of my favorite bands!

watch bands i want:

q: do you have to pay for a monthly service on your bill for it?

a: my watch is not the one with cellular capability so i don’t have to pay anything extra for it!

q: what are your favorite apps to use on it?

a: i love the workout app, the timer app, the weather app, music apps, and i also love how easily i can see when messages and emails come through! it’s also great because uber is connected so you can be notified on your watch when your uber is almost there. i like this feature because sometimes if i ordered and uber and im still chatting with my friends and my phone is in my bag or pocket, my watch will tell me when the uber is there! little things like that make life so much easier!

q: any tips and tricks? i have one and love it, but am always looking for other ways to use it!

a: i just use mine for basic every day things to help make my life easier! like when im teaching for example. i don’t always have my phone on me, but i can still have access to different things as long as i have my watch on. i can check the temp outside to see if it’s too cold to go out to recess, i can set a timer, i can ping my phone, i can see when emails come through, and so much more!

q: do you know anyone with the new Fitbit watch? Which do you suggest? I’m looking to buy ad torn!

a: i don’t know anyone with the fitbit watch but someone actually messaged me saying that theirs got so wet from sweat while working out that they had to replace it. the series 4 apple watch is completely water proof (you can swim in it!) so that won’t be an issue! i’m just an “apple” girl in general (meaning i generally stick to apple products) because i like everything to be the same, if that makes sense. i just think the apple watch is most likely capable of doing more than a fitbit would be! but i’m really not sure!

q: pros and cons to an apple watch?

a: i think i have covered the pros! i truly don’t have any cons, except maybe the price? however, a really nice watch that won’t do as much as the apple watch does, is quite expensive too. i think that an apple watch is worth the price since it has so many great features!

q: does wearing bracelets scratch your watch?

a: nope! i haven’t noticed any scratches due to my bracelets and i wear bracelets daily!

alright! i think i’ve covered everything on the apple watch! feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!!

thanks for reading!

xo, lauren


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  1. 3.7.19
    Megan said:

    Thank you for your reply to my question!! I’m ready to take the jump!

  2. 3.7.19
    Brittney Ross said:

    I just got the Apple Watch 3 series (my wallet was not set up for the 4 – lol) after letting go of my FitBit and have been LOVING it! I use it more than I ever thought I would and feel that it’s 1000% worth the money!

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