hi friends! it’s time for my april q&a! i’ll answer about 8-10 questions that you asked me on my instagram stories! as always, thanks for your questions!

update on the 30 Day Slim Down:

sooo many questions about this! so i completed my 30 days a while ago and had talked about it on my IG stories but some of you may have missed it! i really did like it because i felt like it encouraged me to cook more and broaden my horizons when it came to trying new foods. i never knew i liked sweet potatoes until now! i found some new healthy snacks that i now love! i also found some new recipes from the slim down that i now love, too! it got challenging at times when i would go out to dinner – nick’s birthday was towards the end of the slim down and we celebrated a few different times. for those days, i just made sure to eat really well during the day and i ate what i wanted at dinner. i modified the plan to best fit my needs. i wasn’t doing to to lose weight, i was doing it to change my lifestyle and my eating habits. it definitely helped! i am snacking way less during the day and i rarely eat candy anymore (i used to eat it every day!). i did not have starbucks during the 30 day slim down, but when i finished i went back to getting it often. i’m making a new goal for myself to only go to starbucks on the weekends.

ANYWAY – i enjoyed the slim down and i felt like i did see changes in my body during this time. like i said before, i wasn’t trying to lose weight. i wanted to feel less bloated all the time and cut back the bad foods that i ate. i’m sure you guys see my IG stories of the pizza and pasta i eat often, and i’m going to continue to do that because i love to eat lol. i definitely have my phases where i eat healthier and make a conscious effort to not eat foods that i know are going to make me bloated or effect me negatively.

i was also working out consistently during these 30 days. i have since then taken a break from the gym (i was sick & then traveling) but i have a goal to get back to going to the gym 3-4x a week!

i hope this covers anything you were wondering about the 30 day slim down!

does nick/friends/family ever get annoyed with your picture and video taking for instagram?

if they do, they don’t say anything. i told nick pretty early on about my blog and he’s been 100% supportive this whole time. my family is also just as supportive. my friends aren’t as involved as nick and my family but everyone knows that when i’m on my phone a lot or taking pictures, it’s me working, not just browsing instagram for fun or whatever.

how long were you dating nick before you introduced him to your fam?

he actually knew my parents before i even met him! he worked at local restaurant that my parents went to frequently. it was pretty easy to bring him into the fam because of that.

hair color and cut?

i ask for layers and angles. for my color i ask for a dark, ashy color with no red undertones!

have you ever traveled to europe?

i have only ever been to Ireland!

as a teacher are you allowed to wear jeans? not judging, but in our school the teachers cannot

yep! we can wear jeans. i work with young children and i’m moving around/on the ground/ at their level a lot. IMO comfort is key when working with kids!

do you still use isle of paradise drops or tan luxe?

i use both! when i want to look more tan i will reach for the isle of paradise drops. when i just need a little pick me up, i’ll use the tan luxe ones! i will also use the tan luxe ones on my body!

advice for someone looking to get back into blogging but worried about what others will think?

read girl, stop apologizing by rachel hollis. this book is super inspirational and all about chasing your dreams regardless of what other people think. i highly recommend this!

how do you plan/get inspo for your outfits?

pinterest is my best friend! i get so much inspo from pinterest – whether it be for my outfit or just in general! also as a blogger my wardrobe is refreshed often because i’m constantly looking for the best deals and all that for you guys. getting new clothes helps me with outfit inspo for sure! i literally go to bed at night thinking about the outfit i’m going to wear the next day! lol.

are you self tanning?

yep! lately i have been using self tanner. i just had my friends bachelorette and bridal shower so i wanted to be a bit more tan! i’ll get a spray tan now and then too! i shared what i use for my face above but this is by far my favorite self tanner for my body!! i have also heard great things about this one and i want to give it a try!

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