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I”M BACK WITH A BACHELOR RECAP!!!!! I’m legit writing this as I watch the episode sooo you’re gonna see my raw thoughts basically! Lol.

i honestly dont know how these girls go on this show because I COULD NOT handle this sh*t!!!!

First off – Colton “vlogging” was super awkward but hey, it is NOT easy putting yourself in front of that many people on camera. I do it to a few thousand of you and that’s scary. TRY MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. Idk how these people do it. I guess it’s not live so it’s not as bad? But still.

GROUP DATE! I feel like sometimes the group dates are so dumb and they’re something i’d never want to do in real life. You know every girl who got chosen for this first group date is thinking “damnnn that means I don’t get a one on one.” ok some of you are prob gonna judge me for this but i did not know who these people were who were leading this whole thing. whoops.

anyway – as you can probably already guess – i’m already annoyed 15 min into the episode because IT’S ALL ABOUT HIS VIRGINITY AGAIN!!! Like whyyyyy? Why is this such a big THING. I hate this. I hate how people are trying to make it such a big deal when in reality, it’s NOT. If this goes on all season, i honestly don’t know if i can continue to watch!!!

ok but more on the group date – catherine is notttt feeling it. yuo can tell she is so thirsty for drama. i can’t but i cannnnn believe that there’s this much drama going on already but like come on.

DEMIIIIII – WHYYYYY. Not a fan, guys, not a fan. way too confident. way too cocky. just no. and she was the first one to talk to him? she’s so aggressive and i just don’t like it.and she’s saying she’s a woman supporter? like WHAT???

i think it was a little silly that the other girls got so upset that she “touched” the rose. i think it was definitely wrong that she said “oh look its my rose” but like is it really a BIG deal that she TOUCHED it? like i’m sorry who the F cares – you’re just making it a bigger deal that it has to be.

i still LOVE hannah g! i think she’s adorable and so sweet and so genuine. she seems like she’s staying out of the drama and that she’s pretty low key.

still really like nicole too! we learned that her brother is severely autistic which is amazing that she is so loving and caring towards him. it’s also so great to see how caring he seems about it and how he realized how much she opened up to him. at the same time, when she said she wanted to marry him right now and would propose to him right now i got a little confused. it seemed a bit possessive and a bit early for this to be happening lol.

group date rose!!!!! elyse. was not expecting that actually. i feel like elyse will stick around for a while but i don’t think she’ll be around in the end. nothing against her being older (i’m like 2 years older than nick!!!!) i just feel like they’re not a great match and theres not much of spark. BUT this is my opinion.

Hannah B gettin the one on one AND it’s her birthday. He had to have known that, no??? my thoughts on her initially before the date – she’s cute, but she’s a lot. strong personality from the start. but that may change as the date goes on!

I do like her because i can feel for her when she says she doubts herself alot and all that. i feel like i’d act like she acted on this date, like too much pressure and i’d feel super uncomfortable (this show would NOT be for me!!!) i feel like she’s going to get a lot of hate for this date but honestly, i FEEL for her. i imagine that it is not easy to be FILMED during your first date with this guy and you have to watch everything you say. i feel for her after this date because she means well!

OK but when she opens up she asks HIM why HE’S a virgin??? i’m sorry but how is that YOU opening up lol. i guess she did end up opening up enough for him because he did end up giving her the rose lol. i think she will be around for a while…

Group Date #2 another reason i’m glad i’m not on this show is because some of these group dates just look terrible. i also don’t know who this comedian is….?

i do like that the losing team goes home after the day part of the date because it narrows it down for the girls who win and get to spend time with him later on. it makes the drama and competition so much stronger! lol.

the girl who has never even kissed anyone?? a little confused as to why she came on this show. i mean do you really want your FIRST KISS EVER to be documented on TV in front of millions of viewers?? i sure wouldn’t lol.

i kind of like miss north carolina now (caelynn). at first i didn’t but after this date tonight i do!

i’m definiteily not surprised that he gave heather (the girl who has never kissed anyone before) the rose because he can feel for her and relate to her in the sense that they’re both virgins (lol i can’t believe i’m writing that).

cocktail party- the girl with the air horn and the “i’m really horny joke”???? these girls are getting out of control lol. like how must Colton be feeling during all of this?

DEMI IS SO AGGRESSIVE SHE NEEDS TO GTFO!!! I can’t handle her lol and idk how all the other girls are not FREAKING OUT at her!!! also how can Colton even be into that?!?!? so FAKEEE.


i’m not surprised about who went home. i always feel bad watching the end but i always want to see what’s going to happen on the next epsiode!! lol

overall, i think this episode was MUCH better than last weeks episode. what are YOUR thoughts on the episode?!

thanks for reading!



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