hi everyone! i cannot believe that school is about to start back up again! summer FLEW by. today i’m teaming up with walmart to share some classroom must haves that are super affordable!

before i share everything i purchased from walmart, i wanted to give you a bit of a background on my teaching experience! i got my masters degree in elementary education. after that, i became a building sub. in april of that same year, i was offered a long term sub job in 4th grade. it was a great experience and i actually really loved teaching 4th grade!

the next year i went back to the same school because i was offered another long term sub job. this time it was in first grade! again, loved my experience in that class! that ended in december but right after that, another LTS job became open and luckily for me, it was in first grade again! i was in that classroom from december-the end of the year.

i absolutely loved that school that i was at but sadly, the next school year had no openings for me. i began searching for teaching jobs all summer. by the end of the summer, i interviewed at the school that i am working at now. the job opening was for a first grade LTS job. thankfully, they offered me the job and i accepted!

this LTS job ended up turning into a full year in that classroom. i was offered an “interim” contract because the teacher who i was covering for was coming back the next year. i was officially on contract and completed my first full year in one classroom!

towards the end of the school year last year, i was offered a Kindergarten teaching position for the following year. i accepted the offer right away and could not wait for the new adventure ahead.

that being said, i had to move classrooms and start from scratch. this means i needed to buy A LOT of things. that’s why i’m so thankful that walmart has SUCH great deals and everything is so affordable! i was able to stay under my budget and buy so many supplies!

*this is just a small portion of what i’ve purchased for my classroom!

i’ll be sharing pictures of what i purchased for my classroom from walmart below. i go into in depth detail about each item and why i purchased it in the video below!

goldfish snacks || pencil sharpener

crayola palm grasp crayons || scissors || teacher planner || crayola super tips markers

Chrysanthemum || Wemberly Worried || Harry the Dirty Dog || Pencils || Erasers || Post-It tabs || Numbers Book

Craft Sticks

whether you are a teacher or a parent, walmart is a great option to buy school supplies to get ready to go back to school!

when you were in school did you get excited about buying back to school supplies?! let me know in the comments!

thanks for reading!

xo, lauren

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