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Best Sellers of 2019

I hope everyone had a great first day of 2020 so far! I wanted to share my top sellers from the past year in today’s post! No surprise, they are ALL from amazon! Lol. I guess thats a sign that I need to continue to incorporate Amazon finds into my posts each month!

Let’s get into the post and see what you guys loved the most this past year!

Best Seller Number 10 | Amazon Sweater

Amazon Sweater

This exact sweater is currently sold out in this version but I’ve found a similar one here! I love this one because I think the colors are so fun for the winter!

Best Seller Number 9 | Amazon Cold Shoulder Sweater

Amazon Cold Shoulder Sweater

Size Small, $28.99

This is STILL one of my favorite sweaters. As a matter of fact, I’m wearing it right now as I write this post!! Lol. I wear this in a size small and I love the fit of it!

Best Seller Number 8 | Color block Sweater

Amazon Sweater

Size Small, $29.98

It was with this sweater that I realized that Amazon was going to be a big hit with you guys! I fell in love with this one and so did you guys! It’s still such a great sweater. I wear it in a size small!

Best Seller Number 7 | Off the Shoulder Top

Off the Shoulder Top

Size Small, $18.99

This top is great for Spring/Summer! I wore this top out for date night or a night out with friends quite a bit! I love it paired with white jeans but I think it would look great with any color jeans! It also comes in a bunch of different colors.

Best Seller Number 6 | Amazon Skirt

Amazon Skirt

Size Small, $24.99

Oh my gosh, this skirt! I loved it so much and so did you guys! It’s still a favorite of mine and I cannot wait for warmer weather to start to be able to wear it again!

Best Seller Number 5 | Amazon Sheets

Amazon Sheets


I think everyone probably has these sheets by now lol. They really are SO good and for such a great price. They’re super soft and they come in a ton of different color options which is great! I have them in white, gray, and lilac!

Best Seller Number 4 | Amazon T-Shirt

Amazon T-Shirt

Size Small, $17.99, Color Leopard 01

This shirt became so popular as well. It’s such a great t-shirt! I love the pattern of it and I love how it can be dressed up or down! I’ve worn it to work before with white jeans and I’ve worn it lounging around with joggers, too!

Best Seller Number 3 | Apple Watch Band

Apple Watch Band

Unfortunately this exact watch band has sold out! So many of you guys purchased it back when I first shared it and it hasn’t come back into stock. I just ordered this one and I think you guys will really love it!

Best Seller Number 2 | Amazon Short Sleeve Jumpsuit

Short Sleeve Jumpsuit

Size Small, $24.99

This is by far one of my favorite jumpsuits EVER. This one also blew up this year and for good reason. I absolutely love it – it can be dressed up or worn casually which is always great! It comes in a few different color options as well!

Best Seller Number 1 | Amazon Sleeveless Jumpsuit

Sleeveless Jumpsuit

Size small, $22.99

Again, not surprised that this was my number one best seller this year. You guys loveddd this jumpsuit! I have it in navy and black and I love them so much! Jumpsuits really are one of my favorite things to wear because like I said above, they can be dressed up or worn casually, too!

Ok there ya have it! All the things you guys loved most in 2019! I cannot wait to see your favorite things that I share in 2020!!

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  1. 1.4.20
    Timi said:

    Thank you for the 2019 recap! All of these looks are gorgeous!!

  2. 1.29.20
    Shannon McCoy said:

    I entered the giveaway and followed all the necessary steps! ❤️

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