Best YouTube Channels for Beauty

My Favorite YouTube Channels for Beauty

This post is all about my opinion on the best YouTube channels for beauty. For about a year and a half now, I have been an avid YouTube video watcher. I never knew what a phenomenon YouTube was until I started watching videos daily. It’s hard to explain to people who don’t watch YouTube why I enjoy it so much. I feel like I know the person that I am watching–I feel as if I am friends with them (I wish!!). I feel like they are talking to ME.

To be honest, those YouTubers have some GUTS to sit there and talk to the camera (some girls go makeup free if they’re doing a makeup tutorial!) knowing that their video will be posted on YouTube for MILLIONS of people to see. These YouTubers are brave, that’s for sure. I get nervous just knowing that a small amount of people MAY see my writing that I post on my blog. What these YouTubers do is WAY scarier than this. I give them major props.

Since I have started watching YouTube videos, I have definitely acquired a few favorite YouTube channels. This blog post is going to explain why my favorites are my favorites.

First, let’s start with Vloggers. For those of you who do not know what blogging is, I’ll explain it right now. According to, “vlogging” is “a video journal uploaded to the internet.” I guess that’s an accurate definition?? But based off the vlogs that I have viewed, I would say someone who vlogs records their daily experiences. I sometimes even compare it to reality TV (except WAY more real). It’s like an insight on other people’s lives.



This family is my favorite family to watch. If you haven’t watched one of their vlogs, you seriously should. Judy is married to Benji and they have 3 children under the age of 3! How crazy is that? I must add that they are the CUTEST little girls (yes, they’re all girls!) ever. Judy and Benji are very open and don’t hold much back in their vlogs. Everyone in the family has such a great personality, I can’t help but want to watch their daily videos. ItsJudysLife has over 1 million subscribers for a reason. They are so entertaining and NORMAL.


Next I will mention what I think are the best beauty YouTube channels. Now I have quite a few favorites, but I figured I would list the ones that I have been watching the most lately.

Alexandrea Garza

Alexandrea Garza

Alexandrea posts makeup tutorials, makeup reviews, hauls, lifestyle videos, hair tutorials, and so much more. I love her channel because she honestly seems like someone who I would be friends with if I ever met her. I feel like I have so much in common with her and I guess that’s why I am such a big fan of her videos (I must add that I follow her on Instagram and Snapchat, too). She recently got married and shared many bridal tips which I’m sure were super helpful to other brides-to-be. She also has a vlog channel (with her new hubby) which I love to watch as well. You guys should check her channel out if you haven’t already!

Jaclyn Hill

best youtube channels for beauty

Jaclyn is a professional makeup artist, and let me tell you, her makeup always looks AMAZING. Her channel is one of my favorite YouTube channels  because she is hilarious–she doesn’t really have a filter when it comes to some things. She gives very detailed makeup tutorials for many different types of occasions (Valentine’s Day, New Years, Girls Night Out, etc). She has favorites videos, in which she shares her favorite products of the past month. Jaclyn’s got bold hair (a beautiful red color), a bold personality, and a bold channel. Go check it out here!

Kathleen Lights

best youtube channels for beauty

In my opinion, Kathleen is underrated. She started YouTube in 2013 and just recently reached 1 million subscribers. I think I feel like i relate to her because we’re the same age (22) and it’s really cool to see someone so young be so successful on the Internet. Kathleen is beautiful and she has such a great accent which makes watching her videos even more entertaining. She posts makeup tutorials using high end makeup and drugstore makeup. I know I’ve said this about every YouTuber so far, but I really do feel like Kathleen and I are friends (call me crazy, I know). You can find Kathleen’s channel here!


A few of my other favorites:

Casey Holmes/itsbl0ndie


and last but not least…


Let me know if you guys watch any of these channels and who YOUR favorite YouTubers are in the comments!

<3 Simply Lauren Rose



  1. Yuridia wrote:

    I love all the YouTube gurus
    You mentioned, especially Alex have you seen those eyelash extensions? She makes me want to try it! Love the blog Good content! Love the pictures too! 700 followers in a month!? Congrats! I need to step up my camera angles!

    Posted 8.3.15
    • Simply Lauren Rose wrote:

      Hi Yuridia!
      Thanks so much for your comment. I also LOVE Alex’s eyelash extensions! They’re gorgeous! Thanks so much for reading my blog and taking the time to comment! I hope to keep delivering good content for you!
      Xo, Lauren

      Posted 8.3.15

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