Aerie Bathing Suit Haul

There's nothing like a bathing suit haul to really humble you LOL but I'm sharing a bunch of different bikinis from Aerie today! I hope you guys enjoy :-)

Lululemon Haul

been doing quite a bit of shopping at Lululemon lately so I put together a pretty big haul sharing some of my recent finds with you guys! I've become pretty obsessed with Lulu. Fun fact, I had never owned anything from Lululemon before last year! Now I can't stop shopping there! LOL.

11 Athleisure Looks

Hi!! Today I'm sharing ELEVEN different athleisure looks that I have been LOVING lately! There's many different ways to recreate these looks but I'll leave exact links for everything I'm wearing in this post!

June Target Haul

Hi!!! Today's post is my FIRST Target Haul of the month! May was definitely a busy month and June is a bit slower for me SO there'll be more Target hauls this month for sure :-). I hope you guys enjoy this one!!

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