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YOUR Tips & Tricks for Moving into a NEW HOUSE!

Hi everyone! Before I moved into my house, I asked you guys for some tips & tricks for moving into a new house! Today I’ve finally found the time to record a podcast sharing those tips & tricks and what I’ve done so far! I will leave the podcast linked in this post but I’ll also list out all the tips & tricks here too. I want you to be able to refer back to this list whenever you may need to!

Coastal Living Room & Kitchen Decor Inspo

Happy Monday! ONE WEEK until I move out of my apartment!! How crazy is that?! Do you guys remember when I moved in?! I feel like it was just yesterday. It’s definitely bittersweet but I’m ready to move on! Anyway, I have been sharing some home decor inspo posts lately and today’s post is basically what my living room &…

Amazon Home Decor Inspo Part 2

Happy Monday!! I move out of my apartment in 3 weeks (if not sooner)!!!! Time really goes by so quickly, it’s crazy. I’m so excited to be able to move into my new house (still not sure of the exact date that I’ll be able to do that!) and start decorating. I’ve been sharing all of my home decor inspo…

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