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SLR Book Club

Hi everyone!! Someone came up with a great idea of having a BOOK CLUB together and when I polled you guys on stories, the majority of you said you’d want to be involved. SO, here we are!! Let’s get this book club started!! I asked you on stories yesterday which book you wanted to read – I gave the options…

Book Review

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all hanging in there and doing okay during this time. I know this is an adjustment for all of us. I think with time, we will get adjusted to this new normal and hopefully by then we will be able to go back to what our real normal is!

How I Make My Chai Tea Latte at Home

Happy Monday! I know a lot of you are interested in how I make my chai tea latte at home so I thought I’d share a quick little blog post all about it! It’s SUPER simple & easy to make! It doesn’t taste quite like Starbucks BUT it is the best alternative I found. I have made a goal for…

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