Hi all!! I asked you guys on IG if it was too soon to start sharing back to school outfit ideas and the majority of you guys said yes! If you're not ready for them yet, you can bookmark this post and come back to it when you're ready to start thinking about it! This will be part 1 of my back to school outfit ideas so stay tuned for part 2!

Work Outfits Week 1

Hi everyone! For those of you who don't know, I'm a Kindergarten teacher as well as a blogger or "influencer." I try to share my work outfits daily with you guys on my IG stories and I thought it would be fun to compile them into a blog post each week. That way you can always refer back to my blog when looking for inspo for work outfits each day! I'm sorry if you cannot wear jeans in your district but you can always replace them with a pair of work pants!

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