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Well looks like I didn’t blow the last one because Lauren is gracefully giving me another spot on her blog for a post! This one I really felt the pressure because I’m never good at telling people what I would want for a gift, so telling other people what to get is kindaaaa terrifying. Hopefully I don’t blow it, but here goes nothing!

So on this post I feel like it’s easiest to talk about the items by category instead of numbers. We shall start with all the sweaters because I feel like it’s most appropriate for this time of year! Lauren got me the tribal like Patagonia already and I could not be happier. The colors fit perfectly for autumn going into winter and it couldn’t be any softer! My sister is visiting for the holidays from California and she has a habit of stealing all my comfortable clothes so I’ve already made a stern announcement that this item shall not return with her to California haha!


Nick’s Outfit Details: Patgonia Sweater
Lauren’s Outfit Details: Vest || Shirt || Jeans || Booties

If the person you want to gift doesn’t like the flashy styles like me I’ve also picked out 2 other sweaters, and a coat. The dark blue coat you see is the perfect outerwear for a guy who wants to look good and be warm! It will match with most things and be the perfect winter coat.

The other jacket is also one of my favorites because it is possibly the most warm of all of them and it’s got the hoodie feel to it. There’s nothing I enjoy more than comfy clothes in the winter and this is a great every day jacket for casual wear or something you can wear over a button down out to dinner. The last two for this section are the grey sweater and the long sleeve black shirt. I’ve always been a fan of washed looking t shirts so it’s only fitting that I’d love a washed out look long sleeve shirt 🙂 it’s a tighter fitting shirt which I like, and a great shirt to wear under something like the blue coat or either Patagonia. The grey sweater is nice because it adds an extra layer to a button down for warmth and it will be perfect to wear on some of the days I’ll have at work when I become a real estate agent!

Alright! Now for possibly my favorite of all, the sweat pants. There’s a lot of new designs coming out but these are two that really caught my eye. I’m definitely a fan of pineapples so what better than to mix pineapples with sweats!? It’s very low key and it kind of looks like camo from afar, which is also a plus. The other ones are definitely more flashy, but could be cool to wear with solid colors everywhere else. It reminds me a bit of an optical illusion, which I also love, but definitely not something I’d parade around every day haha.

Okay so now for off season items (and the slippers). So I’ll start with the mocs, best pair I’ve owned and they are pretty durable. We all know how much comfort comes with these shoes, so there’s not much else to explain 😉 now the other two pairs of shoes are again on the flashy side but I’ll start with the Kyrie’s. These shoes will seem like a dark blue pair from afar, but come up closer and you’re really impressing people now! I’m usually not a fan of the shoes he puts out, more of a KD guy, but these ones definitely caught my eye and will be a definite purchase for myself. I wear a lot of blue tones in all my clothes so these will go well with a lot of things I have already!

Now these golf items are for the select people who actually golf, so you might have to actually have a conversion with your significant other (bummer I know) to see if they golf. If they do, then both the shoes and the grips are a great idea. Shoes are a must in golf. I played my whole first year without them and when I finally got them I couldn’t be happier. I’m not going to say they will shave off ten strokes from their game, but it definitely makes a huge difference in posture and balance. The grips are probably the better idea because they aren’t as expensive and most of the time this is the most procrastinated item on people’s agenda for golf. You may have to take the clubs into the shop for him, or you can order them separate and tell him you’d take them to the shop (since it’s really hard to grip them yourself). There’s about 14 clubs in most people’s bags so you may have to get a bunch of them, but they are only like $7 a pop! This will definitely be a surprise to the person your gifting because no one really thinks of doing it!

Next, this watch is something I’ve had for a while, but in a different style. Jord is one of the most unique brands of watches because they are made from all wood. With plenty of designs to choose from, I like this one the best. It got a nice classic feel and it isn’t too flashy. I’m kind of weird with my accessories because I like to be flashy with my clothes but not the accessories. This watch is very affordable, very durable, and you will definitely have people coming up to you asking what it is (out of experience).

Last but not least, we have the Xbox controller. You can get an Xbox or a PlayStation controller depending on what he plays, but I play Xbox (the better one 😉 ). This design is sick and it’s always a good gift for a gamer because when he’s got friends over he can be dominant over them with the superior looking controller hahaha.

So that about wraps my gift guide up! Hopefully I did just as well on round two as I did initially. I’d like to thank Lauren for keeping me a part of her blog and thank her sister Kelly for taking time out of her schedule to take pictures for us!

Thanks for reading!

Ok it’s Lauren again! I wanted to end this post with a GIVEAWAY to say THANK YOU for your continued support throughout the years. I cannot believe how much SLR has grown and that’s truly because of YOU GUYS. So to say thank you, I am giving ONE LUCKY WINNERLOUIS VUITTON KEY POUCH. Here are the giveway details:

Enter in the Rafflecopter below. Steps 1 and 2 are mandatory!!! BONUS ENTRIES:

– Follow me in the App (type in Simply Lauren Rose)

– Share this giveaway with friends who you think would like SLR!

– Comment on the picture of Nick and I on my Instagram feed (going live tonight at 8:30pm) with your favorite emoji.

When you’re all done, come back and comment on this post saying DONE!

GOOD LUCK. Winner will be announced in my blog post December 3!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

XO, Lauren


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