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How I Decided Which Designer Bag to Get

If you follow me on Instagram then you’d know that I recently purchased myself a new Louis Vuitton bag! I am so excited about this purchase and I am so in love with the bag. You probably remember me asking you about bags on my IG stories (I love to get your input on all sorts of things!) and the bag I ended up purchasing wasn’t one of the options.

I was deciding between this Gucci bag and this other Gucci bag. Both of these bags would have been great options and I’m sure I would have loved them. But, the fact that I could not decide between which one I wanted told me that I didn’t truly LOVE one of them. Many of you already know that this Louis Vuitton Bag is (one) of my dream bags. I always told myself that when I made it to 100k followers on Instagram that I’d splurge and buy the bag for myself.

Well, rent and credit card bills and adulating got in the way. Lol. I never ended up purchasing that bag (it’s over $2,000 so really not a realistic goal for me at this time). I’m still hoping ONE DAY I will be able to buy that bag for myself. In the meantime, I still knew I wanted a bag and like I said, I was deciding between the two Gucci bags. Since I wasn’t totally in LOVE with one of them, I decided to hop on to the LV website. I immediately fell in love with this bag when I saw it.

At first I couldn’t decide if I wanted this bag with the cream detail or the black detail. I was looking to see if the bag was in stock at any of the LV stores near me and it kept saying they weren’t in stock. I was super bummed and let down, but I needed to go to the mall and the LV store anyway to buy a gift for someone.

When I went to the mall I told myself I’d pop into Gucci just to see the bags I was debating between in person. Before I did that, I went in the LV just to see what was there and I was hoping that maybe they had more bags in store than it said they did online. And just my luck, they had the exact bag that I was hoping for! At that point, I knew my decision was made. I felt like it was fate – the bag I truly desired and wanted was there and IN STOCK. I put my name on the waitlist to be helped by a sales associate and hoped that the bag I wanted wouldn’t sell out before it was my turn.

While I was waiting, I went into the Gucci store (which was right next door to LV lol) and I walked around and browsed for a bit. I saw the bags that I was debating between and I immediately knew that I was making the right decision with the LV bag.

Another reason I fell in love with this bag is because I had never seen anything like it. I hadn’t seen anyone else with it whereas I felt like anyone and everyone has either of the Gucci bags that I was deciding between. I wanted something a bit different and I definitely found that with this bag.

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My advice to you – if you don’t 100% know that you LOVE the bag you’re thinking about purchasing, wait on it. I’m so happy I didn’t make an impulse buy online before going to see them in the store. Definitely do your research.

Like I said in my IG post, I downplay how much and how hard I work. It was time for me to treat myself and to let myself acknowledge that I work my butt off with 2 (basically) full time jobs. We all deserve what we work for, and I felt at this time that I was due for a new bag! Of course, we may choose to spend our money on different things, and that’s okay! But this is what I wanted at this time and I’m so happy with my purchase!

I really hope this post was helpful and I’m so thankful for all of you who allow me to continue to share these things with you every day!

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