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hi everyone! today’s post has been a very highly requested one and actually one of my favorite types of posts to write! reading is one of my favorite things to do and i’m thankful for the summer when i have more time to read for enjoyment! i love thrillers, mysteries, really anything that will keep me wanting to read more. that being said, let’s get into the post!

*they’re in no specific order of favorites!

Summer of ’69 by Elin Hilderbrand

If you’re a fan of Elin Hilderbrand, then you will enjoy this book! I thought this was going to be more of a mystery than it was so I was slightly disappointed. However, I still say it was a good read! This book is about the Levin family and their experiences during the summer of 1969. The Levin family typically spends their summer in Nantucket, but this summer is different for each of them.

Blair, the oldest daughter in the family, is newly married and pregnant and staying in Boston for the summer. Kirby, another daughter, decides to spend her summer in Martha’s Vineyard. Tiger, the only son in the family, gets drafted into the Vietnam War. Jessie, the youngest daughter is the only one who spends the summer in Nantucket.

This book takes you through their summer and the experiences they each have. There is a lot of drama and turns in this story and I do have to say that I kept wanting to read more to find out what was going to happen.

Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

If you’re a fan of Riley Sager’s The Last Time I Lied, then you will enjoy this book too! This book is about a girl named Jules who has had quite a few unfortunate things happen to her throughout her life. She thinks she’s caught a break when she sees an ad looking for an apartment sitter at one of NYC’s most famous and glamorous buildings, The Bartholomew.

Apartment sitting at the Bartholomew came with quite a few rules – no visitors, don’t talk to other residents unless they talk to you first, you can’t spend any nights away from the apartment, etc. Jules didn’t worry about these rules at first becuase she was so excited about the amount of money that she would be receiving for apartment sitting.

During her stay at The Bartholomew, Jules meets another apartment sitter, Ingrid. Ingrid and Jules become friends and Ingrid tells Jules she thinks there’s more going on at the Bartholomew. After this admittance to Jules, Ingrid suddenly disappears and no one else at the Bartholomew seems to care.

Jules makes it her mission to find out what happened to Ingrid and she ends up uncovering so much more than she expected. This book has quite a few turns and surprises and it was definitely a great read! I recommend this book if you like mysteries and thrillers!

Dear Wife by Kimberly Belle

This book follows a woman who finally found the courage to leave her abusive husband. She gives herself a new name, a new look, and a new home. She has prepared for her escape for a year now and she finally got away.

Meanwhile back in her hometown, we follow Jeffrey, whose wife, Sabine, has mysteriously gone missing. He is distraught and not sure where she could have gone.

We also get introduced to Marcus, the detective assigned to Sabine’s missing person case. We follow him through this investigation and see how he goes about uncovering the mystery of where Sabine went.

In the end, there is a big twist that may not be expected. This book will keep you turning the pages, needing to know what happens next. I recommend this book as it was a quick and suspenseful read!

Girl in the Rearview Mirror by Kelsey Rae Dimberg

I have to say that this book may be my favorite read of the summer so far. I like it the best because it was the least predictable out of all of them. I felt like I truly did not know what was going to happen and there were so many different twists and turns throughout the book.

In this book we follow Finn, a young woman who is working as a nanny for the Martin family. Philip Martin is the son of Phoenix’s Senator. Philip is married to Marina and together they have a daughter named Annabel. Finn comes to love her job as a nanny, not only because she loves Annabel, but also because she loves being included in the Martin family and their extravagance.

Finn gets approached by a young woman who is claiming to have had an affair with Phillip. Finn is then forced to decide what to do with the information this young woman has given her. Finn gets caught up in the drama of this situation and something terrible ends up happening. Many secretes are uncovered throughout this book. I definitely recommend this one!

Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell

In this book, we learn that Ellie Mack suddenly disappears out of nowhere. She was the youngest of 3, a great student, and was loved by all. Her disappearance uprooted the lives of her family members and friends.

Eventually Laurel Mack, Ellie’s mother, starts trying to put her life back together, 10 years after Ellie’s disappearance. She meets a man named Floyd and he is wonderful. Floyd has a young daughter named Poppy who Laurel absolutely adores. It just so happens that Poppy reminds Laurel of Ellie. Since Poppy reminds Laurel so much of her own daughter, Laurel begins to question Ellie’s disappearance again.

This book was definitely a page turner and a quick read! I highly recommend reading this one!

Ok that’s it for this round of my book review! I am currently listening to Paranoid by Lisa Jackson and reading The Last House Guest by Megan Miranda. I am really loving both!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve read any great page turners recently!! happy reading!

Thanks for reading!

xo, lauren

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