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Makeup Essentials

My Makeup Essentials

Hi everyone! Today I am going to tell you about my makeup essentials for a long day!

The items that I’ll be sharing with you today are the ones I always bring with me when I know I’m going to have a long day out of the house. Yesterday was one of those days for me. I left my house around 7:15 am to go to work, I left work at 12 and had class at 1. Class ended around 3:30, but I had another class at 4:30! As you can see, I did not have much time in between work & classes. That’s why I packed my Kate Spade bag (pictured below) with all of my makeup essentials for the day. I wanted quick & easy products that I could touch up with during my short breaks. Let’s get into it!

Makeup Essentials

Similar Kate Spade Cosmetics Bag


Makeup Essentials

Degree deodorant

First things first: deodorant. Do I really even need to mention this? I figured I would so none of you are left wondering if I have good hygiene or not (I do, I promise). This is my favorite deodorant right now. It does the job well and doesn’t leave me stinky at the end of the day, like some other deodorants have (yuck!). I love the scent of this one, I feel like it’s not too strong and it’s very clean smelling. What more could you ask for from a deodorant??


Makeup Essentials 5

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder // Ecotools Domed Bronzer Brush

Next up: bronzer. This Bobbi Brown bronzer is my all time favorite bronzer. I’m almost out of it, and I’m going to reorder it ASAP. I use the shade “Natural” during the summer when I have a bit of a tan. I carry this with me on long days in case I’m looking a little washed out. I don’t always use it, but I like to make sure that I have it with me. I love using this Ecotools brush brush with it too–it makes the job so much quicker because it’s got such a large head. It’s also very affordable for a makeup brush, only $9.99! I recommend both of these products!


Makeup Essentials 3

Jouer Blush // Ecotools Blush Brush

Blush is another product that I like to bring with me on long days. This Jouer blush is amazing and my favorite one to use in the summer. I love the way it makes me look like I just spent a day in the sun! I do tend to use this during the day because I personally love the look that this blush gives my cheeks. I use another Ecotools brush (also very affordable, $6.99) because I love the softness of it. It’s so gentle and applies my blush nicely.

Mascara & Eyeliner

Makeup Essentials 4

Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes // Tarte’s Inner Rim Eyeliner

For my eyes, I bring with me my two favorite Tarte products. I like to keep my eye look pretty minimal during the day so I stick to using a mascara and a nude eyeliner. I’ve been loving Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara. It honestly makes my eyelashes so long and full. I have nothing bad to say about this product. It’s great to layer on top of the mascara that I had put on earlier in the day. It doesn’t clump at all! I bring Tarte’s Inner Rim Eyeliner in nude with me because this product is amazing for making your eyes look more open and awake! My eyes start to look tired after work, and even more tired after one class! You better believe I need all the help I can get when it comes to looking more awake! Both of these products have been working so well for me!


Makeup Essentials 6

Benefit’s Hello Flawless Powder // Real Techniques Powder Brush

I usually finish off my look with Benefit’s Hello Flawless Powder to combat any shine on my face. If you don’t have a problem with shine on your face, you’re lucky! This powder is so great at making any shine go away. I bring it with me on long days because I know that some shine is bound to break through my makeup. This stuff does the job well. I use it in the color “‘I’m cute as a bunny!’ Honey.” I find that this Real Techniques powder brush (again super affordable, $9.99!) applies this powder the best. I love the combination of the powder and the brush–it leaves a nice finish! If you’re in the market for a new powder, I recommend this one!

Finishing Spray

Makeup Essentials 2

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

I love, love, love this Caudalie Beauty Elixir spray! This stuff is great for whenever you think your face needs a pick-me-up. It’ll instantly make your face feel and look better! It’s made with essential oils and smells amazing. The finish that this spray leaves on your face will make your skin look more alive. Also, just spraying it on your face and smelling the aroma of it will wake you up instantly! I use this multiple times throughout the day just to enhance my makeup. I can’t say enough good things about this product!

Lip Balm

The last product I’m going to mention is my Dior Creme De Rose Lip Balm. This stuff works wonders. Not only does it make your lips feel smooth and refreshed, it also adds a subtle shine. I like to keep my look simple during the day and this lip balm helps me achieve that look.

What are some of your makeup essentials? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!
Xo, Lauren

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