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hi friends!! i’m back with some more affordable amazon finds this month! i found so many great things that i’m so excited to share! it was so much fun being apart of amazon shares with some of my blogger friends & you guys seemed to love the content! hopefully i’ll be doing more of these within the next few months!

ok let’s get started in the finds!! i’m going to try to share them on here in the order that i share them in my stories. since i recently moved, i’ve been on the lookout for stuff for the home!

item 1 || stemless prosecco glasses – many of you guys know that prosecco is my drink of choice so i obviously had to order some prosecco glasses! i’m a huge fan of the stemless ones! this set of 4 was super affordable – only $11!

item 2 || cuisinart 11 piece cooking set – i of course needed stuff to cook with and this set looked like a good set to start me off! it’s $119 for ALL of these! they’re great because they’re dishwasher safe!

item 3 || rachel ray sheet pans – again, another necessity! these ones had really good reviews and i like the blue accent on them! i haven’t tried them yet but i’m sure they’ll get the job done!

item 4 || toaster oven – again, another essential! i wanted a toaster oven rather than a toaster because i like how you can do more with it!

item 5 || keurig – i’m sure many of you already have your preferred coffee/tea maker but i decided to get a keurig for the easiness of it!

item 6 || cooking utensils – another necessity! nick and i had cooked together and i cooked alone and i realized i didnt even have any cooking utensils to use!! lol. whoops! this seemed like a good set to start off with – they recommend not putting them in the dishwasher tho!

item 7 – fly by hangover pills – i tried these in dallas when lauren brought them and they actually worked! like i said in my stories, the older i get, the worse my hangovers get! lol. if you suffer from bad hangovers too then maybe these are a good option for you!!

item 8 || makeup organizers – so these are, of course, very special to me since they’re a product that i made myself!! these have been crucial in helping keep my makeup and hair products organized in my new place. they’re SO durable and made so well & they’re under $30!

shop my home finds below:

ok now lets get into the clothing items!!

item 1 || OTS maxi dress – loveee this dress for summer! its so lightweight and flowy and the off the shoulder part actually didn’t bother me! it’s only $18! i got it in the size small and the color “a-red”

item 2 || flowy summer dress – love the color and pattern of this one! i will definitely have to adjust the straps because it was a bit big on me! i think this dress would be great for so many different occasions!

item 3 || sleeveless jumpsuit – okkkk i am OBSESSED with this!!! we allll need this so we can all match! lol. its SO comfortable and can be dressed up or down! i am actually wearing it today to work! i ordered mine in navy and size small. it’s only $23!!!

item 4 || light blue top – LOVEEE this top!! i think it has such a fun detail with the little pom poms and you guys know i’m a sucker for light blue!! this top will be great for summer! it’s only $19 and comes in a ton of different colors! i am wearing it in a size small!

item 5 || camo sweatshirt – this one is perfect to just throw on if you need to run errands or if you’re just hanging out! it’s such a cute pattern and comfortable too! this also comes in a ton of colors and is only $19! i am wearing it in a small!

item 6 || hair clips – i didn’t think i’d fall fir this barrette trend but i totally have!! i am loooving them! you can get a pack of 4 for $9!!

item 7 || leopard tshirt – OMG you guys i loooove this!!! such a great tshirt. made with such a soft material and actually good quality! i’m wearing a size small! only $15!

item 8 || cream sweater – this is definitely going to be my go-to sweater this summer! it’s SO soft and comfy! it’ll be perfect for those cooler summer nights & will look so cute with jean shorts! i’m wearing a size small!

item 9 || polka dot dress – the perfect dress for any summer occassion!! it’s actually super flattering – i thought it’d be boxy but it’s not! it comes in a bunch of colors and is $25! i’m wearing it in a small!

item 10 || leggings – these are the leggings that everyoneeee is raving about and of course, i had to try them out! they are SO comfortable and i cannot believe the price!! they are only $25 and i got them in an XS!

item 11 – earrings – sooo many great earrings on amazon right now!! i can’t even choose my favorite! and they’re all so affordable!

shop fashion items here:

ok i think that’s everything that i shared! i have a bunch of other things from amazon that i’ll share at a later date but i’ll leave them linked below for you!

which item/outfit was your favorite?! let me know in the comments below 🙂

thanks for reading!

XO, Lauren

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