Mini Abercrombie Jeans Review!

hi everyone! today I’m sharing a mini abercrombie jeans review! I recently placed an order because I needed a new pair of white denim and I ended up buying a few pairs!

Similar Sweater || Jeans || Tank || Slippers

I had a great pair of white jeans and they got completely ruined after wearing them for years! And I actually didn’t love the fit of them because they stretched out so much. I think I’ve found my new favorite pair here, though! I love how they’re high waisted and they are stretchy but not toooo stretchy! They also don’t seem to be see through which is always a plus. I got them in my true size!

Similar Sweater || Jean Shorts || Tank || Slippers

I’ve also been on the hunt for a great pair of white jean shorts and I think I’ve found the winners!! Loveee the fit & cut of these and they seem like they’re gonna be super comfy! I got my true size!

Similar Sweater || Jeans || Tank || Slippers

I wasn’t sure how I felt about these jeans at first but I think I actually LOVE them! They’re different than any other pair that I have and they really are comfortable! But beware – they are VERY high rise! They came almost above my belly button lol!! I got my true size!

Jeans || Similar Sweater || Tank || Slippers

I shared these jeans a few weeks ago and you guys LOVED them! I wasn’t quite sold on the “mom jean” trend but again, I fell in love with them! The first pair I got was my true size and I wasn’t comfortable with the fit. I decided to size up in this pair and I am so glad I did!!

Ok that’s all I’ve got for now! Told you guys it was MINI!! Lol. I hope this was helpful and that you’re able to find some jeans from this post!!

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