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Hi everyone! Happy Saturday! I’ve gotten many questions before about what’s on my Christmas wishlist this year so I thought it would be fun to put another post together this year sharing what is on my list this year!

So a few things on my list are dream gifts of mine (that I’ll probably just buy for myself one day! lol) and I know they’re not realistic and I don’t actually expect to get them, but we all have those dream items, right?! And I’ve sent links to my mom to most of the other (more realistic) items on my list in hopes that I’ll get them! 🙂

David Yurman Ring || I know this is so basic of me butttt I have always admired my friends DY rings and I think they’re so timeless and classic. They’re pricey but they’d make a great gift for someone special in your life!

Diamond Initial Necklace || I sent this link to my mom when it was on sale. I’m really excited about this! I feel like it’s going to be a classic piece that I can wear everyday. I’ll layer it with my other every day necklaces, too! It is pricey because they’re real diamonds. Again, would be a great gift for someone special in your life!

Adidas Sneakers || Since I’ve been working out again recently, I decided to ask for a new pair of sneakers to workout in. I realized that it truly is important to change your sneakers every few months! I have been loving Adidas lately and these ones are 25% off right now and will get here in time for Christmas! I size down half a size in my adidas sneakers so I got these in a 7.5!

Wireless iPhone Charger || I love the idea of this!! I feel like it’ll be so easy to use!

Riki Loves Riki Mirror || I saw someone using this (I forget who!) and I was in awe of it!! I feel like it’s a genius invention – especially if you’re really into doing makeup. I also love this mirror because it comes with a magnetic phone holder that you can just attach to the mirror and that way it’ll be super easy for me to film my IG stories of my doing my makeup! I’m so excited about this! It’s also gotten amazing reviews!

*20% off on Amazon with coupon here!!

Alexa Echo Show || I asked for this in a 2 pack because it was on MAJOR sale and I figured I could get one for my apartment and then my parents could keep one at their house as well! The set of two is still on MAJOR sale – two for the price of one! Makes a great gift idea!

Wireless iPhone Charger & Sanitizer || This is a more expensive option for a wireless phone charger! I like the idea of this one because it can also sanitize your phone at the same time. With all the germs that come with working in a school, I think this would be a great idea!

Birdies Flats || I have heard SO many great things about Birdies! So many fellow teachers have said these are the best flats for teaching and I’m dying to give them a try. They are pricier, but I feel like they’ll be worth it!

Electronics Cleaner Brush || Idk about you but my keyboard on my computer gets SO dirty!! I saw this handy dandy brush and thought this would make a great gift for a stocking stuffer! I will absolutely get a lot of use out of this!

Bille Razor Travel Case || You guys know I love my Billie Razor and when I saw they came out with a magnetic travel case, I knew I needed it – especially with a trip coming up next week!!

Makeup Case || I love this one because it’s clear but it has a leopard detail at the same time! It comes in a few other patterns too!

Weighted Blanket || You guys know that I struggle with sleeping and anxiety and I have heard that weighted blankets are great for helping with this. This one has gotten tons of great reviews and I cannot wait to give it a try!! If you order this now, you can save $20 with a coupon and it’ll arrive before Christmas!

Gucci Bag || This bag has been on my list for yearssss! It’s just one of those timeless, classic bags (kind of like the DY ring lol) that I feel like I will get tons of use out of. I don’t actually expect to receive this as a gift EVER, but it’s more like on my wishlist for me to buy for myself one day!

Ok that’s it for this year! I hope this was a fun post for you to read and maybe it inspired you for your own list or gave you inspiration for someone else you need to buy for! Happy shopping!

Thanks for reading!

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