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My CURRENT Skincare Routine (Morning + Night)

My CURRENT Skincare Routine (Morning + Night)

Hi everyone!! Happy Hump Day! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my skincare recently and so I thought the easiest way for me to share it would be to write a full post dedicated to the products I’ve been using lately! Let me start out by saying that I do get acne easily and at the age of 25 it can be pretty devastating when a pimple (or 2) pops up on your chin or anywhere on your face. I’ve been working hard to combat any acne and I have FINALLY found a skincare routine that has been working!

My trouble area is typically my chin (I still have scarring from previous acne that hasn’t gone away yet BUT it has gotten MUCH better with these products). People have told me that acne on your chin is hormonal (which is why I do usually get flare ups right before that time of the month). I also have a REALLY BAD habit of touching my mouth and face and hair constantly. That’s also something I’m working on. These are all factors that go into my daily struggles with my skin.

But like I said above, I’ve FINALLY found a routine that is WORKING for me. I haven’t had a bad flare up of acne in a month now (usually I’d get a few month – ew!) and I’m feeling more comfortable not wearing makeup because my skin tone is becoming more even. I definitely do still have scarring and I will be looking for a product to target that problem. When I find a good one, I will let you know!

OK now let’s get into the products!

My Current Skincare Routine
(From Left to Right) Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser || Dr. Brandt No Baggage Eye Cream || Dr. Brandt DNA Neck Cream || Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment || Charlotte Tillbury Brightening Youth Glow || Origins Ginzing Moisturizer || Origins Nightamins Moisturizer

Step 1 (MORNING & NIGHT) – Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser: So I use this face cleanser MORNING & NIGHT.I have fallen in LOVEEE with this stuff. Some people have told me not to use a daily exfoliant every day, but this one is truly so gently and SO good that I feel the need to use it daily. I feel like it actually CLEANS my face whereas some face cleansers don’t make me feel that way.
What I Do:So I got this tip from Lauren Sims (who is amazing btw) and her Insta Stories. I take one pump of the face wash and rub it between my hands. Then I proceed to rub in on my DRY FACE in a circular motion. Once I feel satisfied, I’ll then rinse my face with warm water and pat it dry with a wash cloth.

Step 2 (MORNING & NIGHT) – Pixi Toner: I had never really thought using a toner was important but then I tried this one and now I don’t think I’ll ever go back! It really helps with taking the excess oils and makeup and all that off. Also this one smells SO good. I use this both morning and night right after cleansing my face.
What I Do: I take two pumps of this onto a cotton pad and “swipe” it all over my face and neck.

Step 3 (MORNING) – Dr. Brandt No Baggage Eye Cream: OK so I got this stuff because literally every blogger I follow was RAVING about it. I have yet to see those same results -_- but I’m still hopeful! I only use this in the Morning.
What I Do:I will take a small amount on my ring finger and then I will pat it under each eye. It is supposed to help with bags (which thankfully I don’t really have yet) and darkness (which I do have).

Step 3 (NIGHT) – Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment:Alright so this product is VERY pricey (like $105, I know, crazy!) but let me tell ya, it is WORTH IT. This product is supposed to help will all kinds of things. I have noticed a difference in the evenness of my skin and also the texture of my skin. I feel like my skin has become way more smooth since using this product. I also feel like this may be one of the products that has kept my acne at bay and that’s why I’m going to continue to keep using it. I do have to admit it does have a particular scent that I wasn’t crazy about at first BUT I quickly got used to it.
What I Do:I take one pump of this each night after cleansing and rub it in all over my face. A little goes a long way with this one!

Step 4 (MORNING) – Charlotte Tillbury Brightening Youth Glow: Yet another thing I have fallen in LOVE with. I got this a few weeks ago and I have been using it ever since. It’s supposed to brighten your face and give you a healthy glow – and I personally feel that it does that for me! It goes on SO smooth and easy and it’s moisturizing, too. I can’t recommend this stuff enough.
What I Do:I will take a dot of this product and put it on my cheeks and my forehead. I will then use that product that I put on those spots and spread it throughout my whole face. I am trying to use these products in moderation since they are pretty pricey.

Step 4 (NIGHT) – Origins Nightamins Moisturizer:I have been using this night moisturizer for a while now and I loveeee it. It is definitely thicker than the daytime one and I wake up feeling so refreshed and ready to start the day because of this. Again, I wasn’t crazy about the scent of this one (super citrusy) at first but it has grown on me and now I don’t even notice it!
What I Do:I take a dime size amount of this and spread it across my whole face.

Step 5 (MORNING) – Origins Gin Zing Moisturizer: OK love this moisturizer too! It has been hard for me to find a good one that won’t cause breakouts for me, but this one has been a real winner in my book! It’s very light and gentle and it really does make my face moisturized all day. It’s pretty affordable too! It has the same scent as the one I mentioned above.
What I Do:I take a dime size amount of this and spread it across my whole face.

Step 5 (NIGHT) & 6 (MORNING): Dr. Brandt DNA Neck Cream:I HATE how we have lines on our necks! Me and my sister talk about them all the time. I want to get rid of them but I don’t think that will ever happen lol. I have recently started using this neck cream in hopes to keep the lines at bay.
What I Do:I take a dime size amount of this and rub it on my neck in a circular motion.

Ok wow I think that’s everything! Please let me know if you have any questions about anything! I am happy to answer them and I will definitely show you all how I use each products on my Instagram Stories in my future.

OK time to announce the GIVEAWAY WINNER! If you are the winner please email me within 48 hours! Thanks to everyone who entered! I will be having more giveaways like this last one very soon! :-).


There ya have it! A look at my current skincare routine for the morning and night! I hope this was helpful!

Thanks for reading!
XO, Lauren


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  1. 1.24.18

    Girl I use the Origins Nightamins & I love how it feels when I wake up! I also you the Gin Zing from Origins too but in the eye cream version in the morning, I keep it in the fridge so after I shower when I’m grabbing a cup of coffee when I put it on it’s so cold & refreshing!

    Taylor |

    • 2.10.18

      Love that!!! Such a great tip about putting your eye cream in the fridge! I’ll have to try that! XO!

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