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My Thoughts on Poshmark & Why I Use It

hi friends! happy monday! it’s been a while since i’ve uploaded a blog post and i’ve been meaning to get this one up way sooner but life just gets in the way sometimes!

anyway – i’ve been using poshmark quite a bit lately – my username is LAURENRROMANO – and i’ve gotten tons of questions about why i use it, how to use it, etc. i thought this would be a great time for me to explain the benefits of it and why i often will buy new clothes and sell them shortly after on poshmark.

ok let’s get into it! let’s start with the basics and talk about how poshmark works!

first, you need to download the app on your phone – it’s free and super easy to do! after you have it downloaded, you’ll need to create a username. once you’re all set up with the basics, you’ll then be able to shop! i’ll be honest – i don’t do much shopping on poshmark (you’ll understand why when you keep reading) so i’m not as familiar with that process as i am the selling process.

i know that you can create “bundles” and that means that you can buy multiple items from one person’s closet and only have to pay for the shipping once. you can also make offers on items being sold if you’re not happy with the price that they’ve listed the item at. i’ll be honest – i don’t typically accept any offers lower than what i’ve listed my items at. this is because most things i’m selling are in great condition or brand new with the tags on! my prices are already highly reduced from the prices i purchased the items at.

if you’re looking to sell on poshmark, its pretty easy but it is definitely tedious and time consuming. i like to photograph myself (usually a mirror pic) in the item that i’m selling so the buyer can see what the item looks like on me. the photographing process takes time. after that, i have to list each item separately. this also takes time because there’s certain information that HAS to be included (name, category, size, etc.) and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of each item and their size, etc.

once you’ve listed things in your closet, you wait for the sales to come in. once someone has purchased something from you, the shipping label will be sent to you immediately. then you have to worry about packaging the item, and i always like to include a personalized note thanking the buyer for their purchase. my best advice is to get the “priority mail” boxes from the post office that are free! i grab like 10 each time i go to the post office and it makes my life SO much easier. you can also reuse packages that you’ve gotten yourself from a different retailer.

next let’s talk about why i use poshmark

this is a great question and i’ve gotten it quite a bit lately. people will often ask me “why do you buy all these new clothes just to sell them on poshmark a few days/weeks later?” the reason why i do this is because i have tons of clothes from the past years that i’ve loved BUT they are no longer available for you guys to purchase. that being said, i still want to show you the latest deals and styles available for you guys. this is why i often purchase new things that may be similar to things i already own. i want to be able to give you honest and true feedback about the newer version of an item that has come out this season. since i buy new clothes often, it wouldn’t make sense for me to keep everything that i buy (and i DEFINITELY do not have room in my closet for everything! lol) so i utilize poshmark for this reason! just because i sell these clothes pretty quickly after i purchase them, doesn’t mean that they’re not amazing pieces – i just have something similar to that item already and do not need both versions of it! i hope this makes sense ?

another reason that i like to use poshmark is because i know you guys follow me for the clothes i share and post and i want to be able to give you the opportunity to have access to these clothes. some of the stuff that i sell on poshmark has sold out super quickly from the retailer and it gives you an opportunity to buy it if you missed it originally. i also like that you can buy these things from my closet and then i love when you share them with me! i love to see how you style things, too!

now all of this said, i do donate a lot of my clothes too. i also have younger cousins who i often give a lot of the clothes i do not keep to as well.

i hope this helps you guys understand why i use poshmark and how to use it yourselves!

thanks for reading!

XO, Lauren

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