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happy sunday!! i’ve gotten so many questions about my skincare routine lately so i’m back with my updated skincare routine for winter 2019! i’m also including the self tanner that i’ve been using lately and i LOVE. my night & morning skincare routine are basically the same right now!

let’s get right into it! i’ll go step by step and share why i love each product!

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step one – face wash

Tata Harper Regenerating Face Wash

i have been using this face wash for almost 2 years now i think! it’s the best one i’ve found and i actually see results with it. i also feel like my face is truly clean after. i will apply this to my dry face and neck as well. i will then wash it off with a wash cloth and warm water. the reason i use a wash cloth is because i have lash extensions but if i didn’t i’d just splash my face regularly lol.

step two – toner

pixi glow tonic toner || shiseido cotton pads

i like using toner to get anything my face wash may have missed off my face. i have been using this one for years now and i loooove it. it’s so gentle, smells amazing, and makes your face feel so clean! i use it with these facial pads which are kind of pricey, so any facial pad will do! i also love this toner because it’s really reasonably priced :-).

step three – serum

Sunday Riley Good Genes Serum

i am a big fan of the sunday riley good genes serum. it’s definitely pricey but in my opinion, worth every penny. i have repurchased it multiple times because i love it THAT much. since it is pricey, i won’t use it every single day. i’ll use it 3-4 times a week. it also is a stronger serum so using it sparingly is good for that reason too! i will let this soak in before going on to my next step.

step four – eye cream

Drunk Elephant Eye Cream

i’ll be honest – i forget this step most days lol. i have to get better at remembering to apply eye cream because it is a super important step. i have been using this one from drunk elephant and i love it! i apply it before my moisturizer because i feel like it’ll soak in better!

step 5 – moisturizer

Drunk Elephant Protini Moisturizer

i have been using this moisturizer for months (maybe a year??) now! it’s SO good. i never feel like my skin is still thirsty after applying it. i also love the packaging. but the one downfall about this (and most drunk elephant products) in my opinion, is that it’s hard to tell when it’s almost running out! i like to always have a backup in my storage just in case i run out! this is super gentle and great for sensitive skin. my skin is super sensitive and responds well to this moisturizer!


tanning drops

Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops

these tanning drops are amazing. they’re sold out for a reason – because they’re THAT good. here is how i use them: i will take my regular amount of moisturizer in my hand (one pump) and then add one-two drops of the tanning drops into my moisturizer. i will then rub my hands together and apply that “concoction” all over my face and my neck. do not forget to wash your hands! this is an important step and if you forget to do it, your hands will be a disaster! anyway i’ve also started using these on my body. that’s what’s so great about them – they can be used both face & body! it’s super natural looking and doesn’t have a strong smell which is crucial when it comes to self tanning! i highly, highly recommend these drops. they are in stock here in the “light” color but i have never ordered from this website before so i can’t say hhow reliable it is! it may be worth a shot, though!!

acne treatment

Kate Somerville Eradikate Acne Treatment

if i have a breakout or a new pimple, i’ll reach for this spot treatment! i haven’t found one that i like better than this. this does help speed along the process of getting rid of the pimple. i usually apply it at night and and sleep with it on. i haven’t seen it transfer to my sheets or pillowcase which is great! i do really recommend this if you have any acne or pimples!

makeup wipes

if there’s ever a time where i’m feeling super lazy or i feel like i need a little extra help taking my makeup off, i’ll reach for these makeup wipes. they’re so gentle, great for sensitive skin, and smell great! i have been using these for as long as i can remember! they’re great!

alright, i think that’s pretty much it for my skincare routine! i like to think that using less is more! i love all of the products that i’ve been using! if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

thanks for reading!

xo, Lauren


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