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Hi everyone! New Years Eve is quickly approaching! 2018 has been such a great year in so many ways but I am so ready for 2019. I’ve personally never been a fan of NYE because I feel like it gets so hyped up and then it never ends up meeting the hype. That’s part of the reason why I wanted to plan a trip for NYE this year.

I feel like it’s time for a fresh start and time to set new goals for myself and for Simply Lauren Rose. Again, I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without YOU. I have a feeling there will be a lot of fun projects in the new year and I can’t wait to share them with you!

But anyway, let’s get on to the point of this post: New Years Eve outfit ideas! Sometimes a night can be ruined if a good outfit isn’t put together but don’t worry – I’ve got some fun ideas for ya!

one || OTS Jumpsuit – you guys – this jumpsuit is the most flattering jumpsuit I’ve ever worn! I actually packed this for our trip to wear on NYE while we are away! I tried it on on my insta stories this past week and shared that It can be worn without the sleeves on too. I thought that the sleeves on your arms might be a bit restricting so thankfully there’s another option. I’m telling you though, this will look amazing on anyone! If you’re somewhere cold for NYE you can wear this faux fur coat over it!

two || velvet romper – this one just looked so fun to me! I love that its velvet – I’ve been a fan of velvet lately and this jumpsuit is no exception. I also really love the color! It’s red but not an obnoxious red. I think it’ll give you just the amount of “sparkle’ that you need!

three || knot front jumpsuit – to me, this screams NYE! I love the knot front detail and the flared legs. I think it is seriously such a fun jumpsuit and when’s there a better time to wear sequins? never! Again, you can wear this coat over this jumpsuit if you’re in a colder area!

four || metallic mini dress – this is such a fun option! if you’re somewhere warmer or going out to a club or something like that (do people do that anymore??) this would be such a fun option for you! If you don’t want to risk being cold, you could wear these adorable tights underneath!

Five || sequin jumpsuit again, this screams NYE! I am loooving the sequins and this jumpsuit looks like it would be super flattering and comfortable! I’m a fan of jumpsuits for special occasions because you don’t have to worry about your dress flying up or pulling your dress down all night!

six || polka dot tights = like I mentioned before, these tights would be a great option to wear under a dress or skirt if you went that route for NYE. These are better than your average tights because they have a metallic polka dot detail which I love and I think is perfect for NYE! I also think these are great because you can wear them throughout the winter, not just for NYE!

seven || metallic headband – I saw this headband and I thought it would be a fun addition to any outfit for NYE. I also think this would be a great option if you don’t feel like dressing up or if you’re staying in. It could add a little pizzazz to your outfit so you feel like you’re being festive for the occasion J.

eight || velvet jumpsuit – again, another great jumpsuit option. clearly I’m a fan of jumpsuits this year lol. but for real, this one looks like it would be a fun option for NYE – not too flashy but flashy enough where you feel like you put in an effort to be festive!

nine || peplum top – i actually have this top in the green option and I love it! I think it would be a great option to wear for NYE with black jeans and a fun pair of heels. You can dress it up or you could honestly just wear all black (like I love to do!) and call it a night. Again, this top is going to be a very flattering option for you. I also love it because it has a fun zipper detail on the back!

ten || faux fur coat – i always struggle when it comes to finding a cute coat or sweater to wear over a jumpsuit or dress in the winter. i think this one would be a fun option and that it would go with just about anything. it’s also great because it’s under $90!

eleven || velvet choker top – i have shared this top on my instagram multiple times already because i have it from last year and i LOVE it! it’s such a great top and can be worn with black jeans, blue jeans, or even white jeans! it does run a bit big so if you are in between sizes, i recommend sizing down!

There ya have it! A look at these New Years Eve outfit ideas! I hope this was helpful!

Thanks for reading!

Xo, Lauren


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