Hello all, looks like it’s that time of year again…another post by your second favorite blogger! This time I’m going to be posting about two new accessories that I absolutely love. Lauren recently showed me this company that she came across called Grain and Oak, a local NC company. In my mind I’m just nodding and agreeing with her while football is on, thinking that it’s another company for women’s apparel. Out of the corner of my eye I looked at her phone and actually saw this really cool wooden watch she was looking at. I previously had a wooden watch from a different company, but it broke not too long ago, so I was definitely interested in what she was looking at. I asked her if this was the Grain and Oak company she was talking about and she said it was. We then spent the next hour or two just browsing the website and looking at all they had to offer. Without emptying their entire inventory, we decided on two things to get that I actually need, a watch and a money clip.

Watch || Money Clip

The watch is amazing in a lot of different ways. First of all, it’s not super heavy so sometimes I even forget it’s on my wrist! This watch also has a great color contrast to it. I know I’m normally more of a flashy guy, but I like the accessories I wear to simply compliment my outfit and not make it. This watch does just that. It’s a really sharp looking watch, but it doesn’t have the shine and glamour that a silver or gold watch carries with it, so it actually makes people take that second look to see what it is. I’ve already had a bunch of compliments on it and people asking me where I got it from, so it’s almost like its a flashy watch without looking flashy (if that even makes sense). 

So I’ve always knocked money clips and have been a wallet guy from day one, but this clip actually caught my eye. My wallet is getting to the point where I take it out of my pocket and it’s falling apart, so needless to say, it was time to move on. My dad had told me that he got a money clip not too long ago and absolutely loved it, which is big for me because we have always had the same opinions about wallets. I decided to give it a try and so far I’m impressed! It’s always been a problem for me that I carry too much cash on me, mostly because I’m too lazy to go to the bank to deposit my tips from bartending. With the money clip however, I don’t really like the idea of having all of that exposed money, so it forces me to be a little more responsible. The thing I like most about this money clip though, is that because of my new profession as a REALTOR, I have to carry business cards on me at all times, and have room to accept others’ cards as well. The money clip is the perfect outlet for this, because it is so easily accessible and it has plenty of slots to put my cards in, and still keep comfortably in my pocket. I also love that the money clip is made from genuine leather and it’s known for it’s lasting durability and it’s supposed to look even better with daily use! 

Grain and Oak is being SUPER generous and offering you guys 10% off YOUR first purchase with the code STNICK10! Also, all Grain and Oak orders come with FREE SHIPPING! If you place your order before December 18th they will be guaranteed to arrive by Christmas! Anddd they’ll come ready to be gifted in a recycled Kraft Paper box!! Another cool thing that Lauren told me is that you can use your own handwriting for the engravings! 

Well I hope you enjoyed my reviews of these two accessories! Can’t wait to get the next post up about Nick’s Pick’s for the third year running! Don’t be too surprised if you see one, or both, of these items on that list!

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