Hi everyone! I know you all missed me so much so Lauren made me, I mean, so I came back and decided to write this years Nick’s Picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! We decided to actually go to Nordstrom this year and hand pick out some of the items that we both agreed on! I even had Lauren walk me through a try on session and even though some of the clothes we found weren’t my size, we made it work! Sorry for the scruffy look haha just been super busy lately!

Here’s my sizing for reference:

I’m 5’9, usually a small/medium in tops, and a 31×30 in pants!

shirt || jeans

This pair of jeans were very comfortable which I love since I wear jeans most of the time as my form of pants. When it comes to jeans I’m definitely more of a plain guy. I usually like a solid color with barely any fade, and definitely no rips. This shirt is also my cup of tea. Pretty flashy and a lot of bright colors haha but it looks great with a darker pair of jeans.

shirt || pants

This outfit was one of my more favorite ones. The shirt I absolutely love. It’s got one of those colors that basically no one around you will be wearing when you go out, and its got a great design to it. It’s a shirt thats very subtle but still fits my more flashy style. These pants were more of a khaki type. I love the color on them because they are a dark enough blue to wear with multiple outfits, and I have a lot of shirts that would match that color.

shirt || jeans

Okay so these jeans are my favorite pair in the bunch, They are super comfy and I always say that the jeans Lauren wears are leggings because they feel so comfortable, and this is the male version of that. If they weren’t super long on me, I would’ve bought it right there. This shirt is also my favorite of the bunch. As most of you know I now work in the real estate business, so this would be a great look for casual Friday. The shirt is comfortable and breathable and is a slimmer fitting shirt which I also love.


So i never actually tried these on so I can’t speak for comfort, but I definitely like this style of shoe. I love the brown fade from heel to toe, and the lighter brown contrast the connects the bottom of the shoe adds a nice touch. Perfect for my blue suit, white shirt, brown belt, brown shoe combo that I’ve grown very fond of.


I’ve been making fun of Lauren lately for how many clothes she bought on our last two trips that were “army green”. Now it’s coming back to bite me because I finally found something I love that’s the same color as her 15 outfits haha. I definitely love the look of these shoes and Timberland always makes a durable shoe so I know it will last me a while.

jacket || jeans

It is a fantastic time of year to get this jacket on sale. It has always been one of my favorite go-to jackets when it gets cold out. It always keeps me warm, and its very easy to make a stylish outfit with this on top.


I personally like both colors of these shoes, but I’ve always leaned more on black or blue, so I think I’m a bit more biased on getting the blue pair. They are super comfy, and can be used for multiple occasions, whether I be working, relaxing, or going out downtown.


These shoes really caught my eye as I passed by. I have another pair already just like it in a dark grey color, and I almost got this shoe as well. Really comfortable shoe, really stylish look, and can pass for casual or professional (which again is important to my lifestyle now).

tshirt || shorts

I think I’ve posted a shirt like this in all my posts so far haha but you can really never go wrong with it! Any color of a comfortable shirt like this will work for me! The shorts were also a great find, and Lauren actually bought me a pair! They were really comfortable and I took them for a test run on a Friday night in 100 degree weather and they held up more than fine.

patagonia || jeans

YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG WITH A PATAGONIA. I loooove having super soft sweatshirt and patagonia never fails me. I put a more patterned one on the last post so I’m going more subtle in this one. Sometimes I really do love going out in the winter because all I have to do is throw on a random shirt, a pair of jeans, and a nice warm and comfy patagonia.

jacket || tee || jeans

I mentioned before that I’ve become a fan of the blue and brown suit/shoe combo, so here is a nice sport jacket that Nordstrom is offering up for a great price.

shirt || jeans

Believe it or not, my lovely other half picked this shirt out for me! She’s never really understood my flashy style but she hit the nail on the head with this one! This is definitely either a summer going out shirt, or a shirt you bring with you to show off on vacation hahaha Lauren bought me this shirt and I wore it the next day because I was so proud of her!

thanks for reading!


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