My Christmas Wishlist 2020

Hi everyone! For anyone who didn’t see my IG stories – we got LOTS of snow last night/this morning! I thought this was the perfect opportunity to sit down and put together a collage of what is on my Christmas wishlist this year! You probably already saw my new rug that my mom and dad got for me – I am OBSESSED! Below is a collage of everything else I put on my list!

YOUR Christmas Wishlist(s)

I recently asked you guys what YOU wanted for Christmas this year and what was on your Christmas list. A bunch of you wanted me to share these answers so you’d have ideas for what to add to your own list. I’m compiling what you guys asked for all in one place! I hope this helps you come up with ideas for what to ask for – it’s definitely helped me add some things to my list!


The Holidays are quickly approaching and I am SO excited about it! I’m sharing all holiday gift guides that I have so far here! Click on any item in the collage and you’ll be taken directly to it! Shop these gift sets here! I will continue to update this post with any additional gift guides I make! I’ll also be…

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