hi friends! i’m currently en route to Dallas for the rewardStyle conference and i thought this would be a fun time to share some recent affordable amazon finds! you guys are usually big fans of amazon and i have so much fun picking out all kinds of fun stuff and seeing how it actually fits when it gets there!

this past time, i purchased a bunch of dresses in hopes that i’d be bringing some with me to the rewardStyle conference! i actually did pack a few which you’ll be seeing on my IG feed soon!

here is what i purchased recently:

love this little dress! it comes in tons of different patterns! i had to refrain myself from getting it in more than 2 patterns lol. this one is under $20 and i was pleasantly surprised by how great the quality was!

another great find! this one is so soft and easy to wear. i actually wore it to work the other day and loved it! it’s not annoying to walk in because the slit is big enough so you can move freely. this one is under $20 also and i got it in an XS!

this one may actually be my favorite! i cannot wait till its warm enough out to wear this. i thought it might be see through but it’s actually not! the material is nice and light and it makes for a great summer maxi dress! this one is around $20 and i got it in a size small!

a great t shirt dress that is SO affordable and the color is much more blue in person than it is appearing in this picture. it’s really comfortable but i acutally wish i had sized down in this one because there was a lot of extra material bunched up. i did wash and dry it though so i’m curious to see how it will fit after that! this one is also under $20!

be sure to be on the lookout on my IG to see which ones i brought with me to Dallas!

thanks for reading!

xo, lauren

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