Weekly Best Sellers

Happy Monday everyone! I'm headed to Palm Springs today and I'm SO excited. I will be vlogging the whole trip so don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I've been sharing content there weekly and it's been a lot of fun to document everything! Now let's see what you guys loved the most this past week!

April Target Haul

Happy Target Thursday! Sharing some fun finds from Target this week! You got a sneak peek at some of these items from yesterday's blog post but they're too good not to share again!

My New Years Goals for 2022

Hello hello! I'm sitting here writing this post in my OFFICE SPACE! It's so surreal to me that I have my own office space now. I feel so grateful that it has all come together. Now the real challenge for me is seeing if I can manage all of my bills LOL. I have my mortgage, rent for my office space, I pay an employee (Steph) bi-weekly, and have other bills as well. That being said, I wanted to write this post about my New Years goals for 2022 because one of my goals is tracking my expenses and income better AND budgeting better. It's been a goal of mine literally every new year but this year it's getting to a point where it's really a necessity for me and my businesses.

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