Target Home Decor Inspo

Happy Tuesday! If you’re new to me and my blog, I am in the process of buying a new house!! Since I’m so excited about it, I have been looking at home decor and furniture like crazy! I’ve been creating some collages for inspo and a lot of you guys said you’re looking to buy some new home decor and furniture as well so I thought it would be fun to share!

*See more on my house hunting journey here!

I’m not really sure what type of decor/theme I’m going to end up going with but it sure is fun to look at all of the decor options! I also wanted to throw together some patio inspo since I’ll have a deck in my new home!

So that’s my inspo from Target so far! I’m sure as my move in date gets closer and once I’m actually IN my house, I’ll get a better feel for what I need/want!

House update: we are trying to get my closing date moved UP to before 4th of July. Right now it’s scheduled for July 21st and my lease in my apartment is up July 6th. If we can’t get the closing date moved up, it’s not big deal – I can move in with my parents for a bit. BUT it would just be way more convenient if I can move right from my apartment to my new house! I am currently waiting for my mortgage to be approved. It was sent to the processor today and I believe they will start the “underwriting” process. I’m not quite sure how long this can take – I’ve heard it can be long and annoying LOL. So we’ll see!

Hope you guys enjoyed today’s home inspo post!

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