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hi friends! today i’m super excited to be sharing my updated skincare routine with you! i’ve gotten tons of questions about what skincare i’ve been using lately and i’m so happy to share all about these products that i love so much!


colleen rothschild is currently having a HUGE stock up for summer sale! any product is BOGO 50% off. now’s the time to stock up on all of these great products because they are AMAZING. 

i’m going to start by sharing my nightime skincare routine and what i use to take off my makeup each night! 

step 1 – cleansing balm

oh my gosh you guys know i LOVE this product! you’ve seen me use it to remove my makeup on my IG stories so many times. it’s so easy and efficient. it comes with a cloth that you can use with it. it’s so gentle and it actually leaves my face feeling so moisturized, whereas sometimes face wash will make my face feel dried out.

step 2 – matcha tea treatment toner

this is a new product for me but i already know i am going to loooove it! i am a big toner fan and this one just screamed my name. this toner is meant to help fight bacteria and prevent future breakouts. you guys know i typically have a problem with breakouts but i have a feeling this product is going to be a game changer for me! i use it with the colleen rothschild super soft facial cotton. i’ve found that using a higher end cotton round is so much gentler on my skin!

step 3 – extreme recovery cream

this product may be one of the ONLY products that actually helps my eczema. i’ve been fighting eczema for years and a few years ago i found this cream and it was truly amazing. i will apply this on my neck where my eczema is really dry. this will help with the itchiness and overall appearance. if you don’t have eczema, this cream will still work wonders for you!!

step 4 – moisturizer

another tried and true product for me. i found this product a few years ago and it’s been great ever since! part of my job as a blogger is to try out new products (and i of course, find some that i love!) but i always do tend to reach for this moisturizer. i do have sensitive and acne prone skin and i’ve found that this moisturizer is gentle and gets the job done without causing any breakouts!

step 5 – eye cream

another product that has help so much with my eczema! i have really dry under eyes and this eye cream seems to be the only one to offer some relief with that.

so that’s pretty much it for my nighttime skincare routine! my morning skincare routine is basically the same except i won’t use the cleansing balm to start. here’s what i’ll do!

i’ll splash my face with warm water to help wake me up. after i pat that dry, i’ll then apply the vitamin c treatment complex. this is supposed to help with sun damage and other stressors. it’s supposed to help leave your skin more even and radiant!

after that soaks in, i’ll go ahead and do steps 2-5 from above! then i will apply my makeup for the day!

hope this updated skincare routine is helpful for you guys! don’t forget that colleen rothschild is having a major stock up sale right now!

thanks for reading!

xo, lauren

*thank you to colleen rothschild for sponsoring this post! as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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