hi everyone!! one of my faaaavorite places to shop for the best bracelets is having a HUGE sale in honor of July 4th. Victoria Emerson makes literally THE BEST wrap bracelets ever and they are all BOGO free today!

in today’s post i’m going to share how i wear them and a bunch of my favorite ones! there’s so many good ones, it’s hard to choose favorites but i’ve narrowed it down to a few!

wrap bracelet || cuff braceelet || dress || bag || shoes

i have 100% found my new favorite place to buy bracelets. i am so obsessed with everything Victoria Emerson. if you haven’t already gotten your hands on one of her wrap bracelets, you are missing out! now’s the time to stock up because you’ll get two bracelets for the price of one!

above you’ll see two of my favorite bracelets. i especially love the wrap bracelets because they’re so versatile – you can wear them with just about any outfit! i literally only brought these bracelets with me on our trip to the DR because i knew that’s all i’d need. the wrap bracelets are also great because they’re adjustable! there’s 3 different lengths that you can adjust them to! i also love the cuff bracelets because of their magnetic closure. that makes it so easy to put them on and take them off!

be sure to check out my IG stories because i’ll be sharing more details on each bracelet that i have and love! in the meantime, you can shop my favorites below:

there’s a look at all of my favorite victoria emerson pieces that are all BOGO FREE! definitely take advantage of this huge sale and stock up on some goodies!

thanks for reading!

xo, lauren

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*thank you to victoria emerson for sponsoring this post! as always, all thoughts & opinions are my own!*

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