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Wedding Wednesday 3 – Wedding Dress Try on PART 1

Happy Wedding Wednesday!! Yesterday was the day – my FIRST DAY trying on wedding dresses!! And holy cow, was it fun!!! I legit had so much fun trying on the different dresses and getting a feel for the style I like. We went to The Persnickety Bride in Newtown, CT. They had SO many great options and Denise was amazing to work with. I highly, highly recommend checking them out. And their prices are SO reasonable!

Today I’m sharing some of the dresses I tried on yesterday that I will not be purchasing. There are two dresses from The Persnickety Bride that I tried on that are definitely top contenders. I won’t be sharing those in today’s post. We have 2 more appointments scheduled for next week to try on some more dresses at other locations so stay tuned. For today, let’s see what dresses I tried on!

I want to start by saying all of these dresses are BEAUTIFUL. I really loved them all but they weren’t quite what I was looking for for my wedding. I also feel like I liked so many that it makes it hard to have that feeling of “oh THIS is THE ONE.”

First up we had this STUNNING number! I really loved this one and felt so beautiful in it. It was super sparkly and it had these beautiful buttons on the back. However, I feel like due to the color of this one, I didn’t feel like it was a wedding dress. I felt it was little to gold or “champagne-y” for my preference. The fabric was also a little itchy on the inside.

This little off the shoulder number was really gorgeous. In the end, it wasn’t a match for me as I felt the sleeves would be too restricting when it came to moving around and dancing.

This dress was a jacquard dress and it was amazing. It was so unique and unlike anything I had seen. It had this beautiful sparkle detail that you may not be able to see from the pictures. I really, really liked this one and it was in the top 3 at one point. I decided against this one because I felt that the train wasn’t dramatic enough for me.

This one was SO gorgeous. I wasn’t expecting to like this one as much as I did. I love the back of this dress and the button detailing down the entire train. She did remove some of the lining inside the dress and I felt like that was a better fit for me. However, in the end, I feel like it was still too much of a drastic “poof” on the hips of the dress. I also felt like the “V” in the torso was a little awkward for me. But again, such a beautiful dress!

This one was definitely out of my comfort zone. I am trying to stay away from anything super form fitting or tight because I have some parts of my body that I am self conscious about. While I think this dress is beautiful, I didn’t love that you could see the outline of my belly button. The back of this dress was great, too!

This was the first dress I tried on and I instantly fell in love with it. It was my number one option for a while yesterday and I really, really love this one. The material of it is SOOO soft and comfortable. It also has pockets which I am a huge fan of! We added a little beaded belt (see top photo) which I loved! In the end, I didn’t love this one as much as I did the other two I am leaning towards!

That’s it for today’s Wedding Wednesday post! I know you are all going to have opinions about these dresses and that’s allowed. I just ask you to please be kind with those opinions and remember that I am human and have real feelings! And my opinion may be different than yours 🙂

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