Weekend Wish List

Weekend Wishlist

Hi everyone! In today’s post I’m sharing my weekend wish list!

Happy Saturday! I love nothing more than a relaxing weekend and I’m excited because today has been such a laid back and relaxing day for me. Typically when I’m home doing nothing I like to browse all the blogs that I love to follow (Southern Curls & Pearls, The Sweetest Thing, and Chronicles of Frivolity – just to name a few!) and I get inspiration from them.

After browsing all of my favorite blogs and Instagram accounts, I then come up with my own wish list of clothes, accessories, and shoes that I am dying to have! So today I figured I would share that wish list with all of you! Let’s get into it!


I love anything Patagonia. I have my eye on this jacket especially!


I am a firm believer that you can never have enough sweaters. That’s why I always have sweaters on my wish list. Always. I am dying to get this one and this one!


I feel like I always need more cute tops in my closet. I love this one and this one!


I don’t have many Fall dresses in my closet so I’m definitely going to be stocking up very soon!


If you’ve seen some of my YouTube videos then you know that I’m a little bit makeup obsessed. I really want to try this lash serum now that my extensions are off!

There ya have it! My first weekend wishlist! I hope this has helped you figure out what you want to buy this Fall!

Thanks for reading!
XO, Lauren

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