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Weekly Recap 1

Weekly Recap 1

Hi everyone! I recently asked you guys if you’d want to see “Weekly Recaps” on my blog each week and most of you guys said yes! So here we go – I’m gonna give it a shot and see how you guys like it :-). I’ll also share my outfits that I’ve posted on Instagram throughout the week. I also plan on sharing products i’ve been loving at the moment and new products that I’ve started trying! Please let me know if you like these types of posts because I want to produce content you actually WANT to see/read!! Your feedback means so much to me and I really take it seriously!

Alright so let’s start with Monday. Monday was a tough day for me because I was traveling home from Colorado. I wrote a whole post all about Colorado and how I met my boyfriend and all of that so be sure to check it out! Anyways, my flight was super early and I dropped Nick off at like 5:30 am and that was a VERY HARD goodbye. Then I had to go wallow in my sadness at the Aspen airport until my flight was ready to take off. BY THE WAY if you’ve never been to Aspen, the airport is TINYYYYY. The plus side of it being so small is that the wait time to check your bag or go through security is never too long. Fun fact: my bag weighed 49.5 lbs on the way to Colorado and 51.5 lbs on the way back (oooops!) I had to take out a sweater and a pair of jeans to get the weight back down to 50 lbs! Phew. OK so I came home Monday, cried a lot obviously and was super out of it. My mom and I ate dinner at home together and it was an early night for me since I knew I had to go back to work the next day.

I wore my favorite sweatshirt and favorite jeans to travel on Monday. Since I was leaving freezing weather I decided to wear my Uggs on the plane. Also side note – I did not have a great experience flying with United. I don’t think I will ever fly with them again – super small planes and they were NOT very friendly.

Pictures I posted on Instagram on Monday:
Weekly Recap 1

Sweater: J.Crew || Jeans: Citizens of Humanity || Scarf: Free People || Boots: Ugg

Weekly Recap 1

I talked all about being in a Long Distance relationship on my Instagram when I posted this picture. You guys left me the NICEST, most encouraging comments and messages! Some of you have been in LD relationships for years now and here I am being dramatic over 5 months LOL. But anyways – thank you all for all of your comments and messages! You are seriously the BEST.

Tuesday – Alright Tuesday was an adjustment to say the least. Getting up early and getting ready for work was a strugggggleeeee. But I managed (somehow!) and I was completely out of it all day. Also super thankful for the job I have because I was able to distract myself from missing Nick with the kiddos I work with each day. Going back to work was definitely tough but I am so glad to have the job that I have. My mom and I went to dinner Tuesday night. We went to Parker (which is where I met Nick lol) and caught up since we hadn’t seen each other much since I’d been home!

Pictures I Posted on Instagram Tuesday:

Weekly Recap 1

Top: J.Crew Factory  || Jeans: J.Crew  || Shoes: Nordstrom  || Necklace: J.Crew Factory || Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Weekly Recap 1

Sweatshirt: J.Crew || Jeans: Citizens of Humanity || Boots: Ugg

Weekly Recap 1

Top: Madewell || Jeans: Citizens of Humanity || Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Wednesday- Wednesday was pretty boring for me to be honest. Just another day at work and then came home and should have started unpacking but of course I didn’t!

Weekly Recap 1

Shirt: Similar Here || Jeans: Citizens of Humanity  || Shoes: Vans || Sunglasses: Ray Ban

I thought this shirt was funny because I actually really don’t like coffee but I couldn’t not get this shirt because it’s so cute! I’m really into graphic tees lately and Anthropologie has a ton of cute ones right now!

Weekly Recap 1

Coverup: Shopbop || Sunglasses: Ray Ban || Tote: Shopbop

If there’s one thing you need to get from the Shopbop sale going on right now, it’s this coverup! I’ve had it for two years now and yes, it’s pretty expensive but it’s well worth it in my opinion. It comes in a bunch of different color variations that are really fun. It’s unique and unlike any other coverup out there.

Thursday – Again another day at work. Nothing too crazy to talk about. I think I came home and tried not to nap but definitely did end up falling asleep lol. Thursday was my cousin Anna’s birthday so we went out to celebrate at Barcelona in Norwalk! It was a lot of fun catching up with everyone and I definitely needed a night out with friends and family.

Pictures I Posted on Instagram Thursday:

Weekly Recap 1

Shirt: J.Crew || Jeans: J.Crew || Sneakers: Adidas || Scarf: Similar Here

You guys request to see what I wear to work more often and this is what I wore on Thursday! These jeans are my go to pretty much every day lol but that’s because they’re SO comfy and easy to move around in. I have like 4 pairs of them.

Weekly Recap 1

Sweater: Madewell || Tee: Madewell || Jeans: Citizens of Humanity || Booties: Nordstrom  || Sunglasses: Ray Ban

I shared this sweater last week when I left for Colorado. I wore this outfit on the plane on my way there and it didn’t disappoint. I have this sweater in 3 colors now but I’d have to say this one is my favorite. I think it’s perfect for transitioning into Spring! It’s SO soft too. Also the tee underneath is so comfortable too. I need it in a few colors!

Friday- We had anticipated a Nor’easter heading our way. The rain started on Thursday night and continued through Friday morning. It was definitely windy when we got to work in the morning and apparently the winds picked up quickly because we ended up getting out of school early due to the weather. It was a bad mixture of rain and snow and the winds were really strong at that point. AND they’re supposed to get even worse. Safe to say I’ll be staying in tonight and binge watching a new show (I need a new show to watch BTW) and catching up on some laundry and sleep!

Pictures I Posted on Instagram Friday:

Weekly Recap 1

Sweatshirt: J.Crew || Jeans: Citizens of Humanity || Boots: Ugg || Sunglasses: Ray Ban

So as you can see, these jeans are a MUST HAVE in my eyes because I’m wearing them in almost every picture. They’re seriously the best (non-distressed) jeans that I own and they’re worth every penny.

Things I’m Loving at the Moment:

  1. Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment – this stuff is AMAZING. No exaggeration – I love this stuff. I use it every morning and every night and I feel like it truly has helped clear my skin. I haven’t had a major breakout since I’ve started using it. Definitely super expensive but when I’ve found a product that really works, I’m willing to spend the extra $$$ on it.
  2. Dior Lip Glow – I’ve raved about this stuff for years now. It’s great because I don’t really like to wear lipstick or lipgloss (just always paranoid it’ll be on my teeth or something lol). This stuff is awesome because it’s supposed to bring out the natural color of your lips while also hydrating them. I can’t recommend this product enough!
  3. Tata Harper Clarifying Moisturizer – like I mentioned before, my skin is very prone to breakouts. I saw Lauren Kay Sims mention this moisturizer on her blog the other week and I instantly bought it. It’s a moisturizer that’s made just for blemish prone skin. So far I have been loving it!
  4. Sunday Riley Luna Night Oil – another skincare product lol. This stuff is new to my skincare routine but so far I have loved it! I put this on right after I wash my face at night. I will use the Good Genes treatment mentioned above right after this. I will top it all off with the Tata Harper moisturizer. I finally found like I’ve found a skincare routine that’s actually been working for me!
  5. Bumble & Bumble Dry Shampoo – I have stopped using dry shampoo so much to see if that’s what’s been causing my hair to be so dull and damaged but when I do use a dry shampoo, I’ve been using this one. I love this one specifically because you really can’t see it in your hair. It’s unlike all of the other dry shampoos that leave a white powder in your hair. Sometimes you just don’t have time to wait for it to sit and then to brush it out lol! But I also love this one because it smells ahhh-mazing. It’s good stuff.

Songs I’ve Been Loving Recently:

Love Lies by Khalid & Normani

Tequila by Dan & Shay

Psycho by Post Malone & Ty Dolls $ign

Want You Back by 5 Seconds of Summer

Everyday by Logic & Marshmello


Speaking of songs I’ve been loving…my sister just texted me saying the music video for Carrie Underwood’s song The Champion was amazing. So obviously I went and watched it and probably could’ve started crying. She said she’ll have to listen to that song during labor LOL. PS – less than 2 weeks till her due date!!! Any guesses on if she’s having a boy or girl?!

Watch the music video here (you won’t regret it)

Another video you must watch: Kelly’s Babymoon! (don’t forget to subscribe!)

I have so much more that I’ve been loving but I’ll save it for next week’s Weekly Recap ;-). Let me know your thoughts on this post and if it was helpful or beneficial for you! I’d really love your honest feedback so I don’t waste my time on posts you don’t actually care about! 

There ya have it! My Weekly Recap #1! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thanks for reading!
XO, Lauren


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