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Weekly Recap 4

Weekly Recap 4

Hi everyone!! I hope you all had an amazing week and that you have an even better weekend! Today’s Weekly Recap is extra exciting for me because I am officially an AUNT! I can’t even believe it! I will share all the details below but be sure you’re following my sister on Instagram to see more of the baby and her journey as a first time mom!!

Monday: Monday was a regular day at work! Actually it got a bit more exciting when I got the text telling me that my sister has to have a C-Section on Wednesday! Apparently she went to the doctor on Monday and they weighed the baby and it turns out it weighed almost 10 POUNDS!!! Oooops. I don’t know how they let that happen. Kelly’s due date was March 14th. It’s all more exciting because none of us know what they’re having (Kelly & Rob don’t know either) and none of us know what they’re naming the baby! (Kelly & Rob have names picked out but decided not to share them with anyone). Safe to say it was hard to concentrate at work for the next few days…

Pictures I Posted on Instagram Monday:
Weekly Recap 3
Top: Lou & Grey || Jeans: Hudson || Shoes: Vans || Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Weekly Recap 3
Top: Loft || Jeans: J.Crew || Necklace: Nordstrom

Tuesday:Tuesday was the day before the baby was coming so we were all super excited! I can only imagine how Kelly & Rob were feeling!! It was a normal workday for me. After work my mom and I decided to go get our nails done since we knew we wouldn’t have time in the near future (we’d be spending all of our free time with Kelly & Rob and the baby!). I decided to go with a “Springy” color – the color I got is called “Castaway” and it’s a gel color. I also got a pedicure and I forget which color I got on my toes (it’s a dark color though!)

Pictures I Posted on Instagram Tuesday:Weekly Recap 4

Top: Loft  || Necklace: Kate Spade  || Jeans: Hudson  || Bracelets: David Yurman & David Yurman

I am seriously OBSESSED with this top! It’s perfect for transitioning into Spring!

Weekly Recap 4

Sweater: Loft  || Jeans: JCrew || Booties: Nordstrom || Necklace: Kate Spade

I thought the color of this sweater was so fun! When I went to the store they only had Mediums left so I’m actually wearing this in a medium! I definitely could’ve gotten it in a Small but it’s okay!

Wednesday: Wednesday was SUCH an exciting day for us!!! First of all, we had ANOTHER snow storm coming (hopefully we’re all done now!) so they decided to dismiss school 3 hours early. This was great news for me because Kelly’s C-Section was scheduled for 4 PM on Wednesday in New Jersey. Right after school I went home to pack and I waited for my brother. We drove through the snow storm to New Jersey to go meet our new niece or nephew. We made it to New Jersey safely to find out that Kelly’s surgery had been delayed.

Jack Robert was born on March 21, 2018 at 5:47 PM. He weighed 9 pounds 8 ounces (big boy!) and he was 20.5 cm long! We are all SO thrilled to welcome him into our family. He is SO adorable and even cuter in person.

Kelly actually didn’t get to see Jack until hours after he was born. She was pretty upset about this. She was taken away into a recovery room after the surgery was all done and she really didn’t know where Jack went. She was left alone (Rob came out to see us and share the news with us) and wasn’t being told much. She finally got  to see him around 8:00. The rest of us got to see him around 9:00.

Meet Jack: 

Weekly Recap 4 Weekly Recap 4 Weekly Recap 4 Weekly Recap 4 Weekly Recap 4 Weekly Recap 4

Thursday: Thursday morning my brother and I woke up super early and drove back to CT. I had work that day and so did he. Thankfully my school had a 1 hour delayed opening due to the storm so I didn’t have to be there as early. Thursday was a long day because I had parent-teacher conferences. I was at school until 6:50 so I couldn’t go back to New Jersey to see Jack.

Pictures I Posted on Instagram Thursday:

Weekly Recap 4

Sweater: ASOS (sold out), Similar Here || Top: Similar Here || Jeans: Citizens of Humanity || Booties: Nordstrom  || Sunglasses: Ray Ban

I wore this sweater on Wednesday and a bunch of you messaged me asking where it was from! I have posted it like a million times on my Instagram but I decided to share it again so you  guys could access it easily. It’s unfortunately sold out but I’ve linked a similar one!

Weekly Recap 4

Top: Loft || Jeans: JCrew || Booties: Nordstrom

This outfit was my latest Workwear Wednesday outfit! This top is so fun and perfect for Spring!

Friday: Friday I had a bunch of parent teacher conferences before and after school so it was another long day. I was finished by 3:30 and was able to head to New Jersey that afternoon! Kelly and Rob were still at the hospital so we all hung out there for the night. I spent the night there and drove home that night!

Pictures I Posted on Instagram Friday: 

Weekly Recap 4

Top: Loft || Jeans: Hudson || Booties: Nordstrom || Necklace: Kate Spade

I told you guys I was obsessed with this shirt!! I wasn’t kidding!

Beauty Products on Sale That I’ll Be Purchasing: 

  1. Shiseido Facial Cotton: I have heard so many great things about this product. It seems silly to spend so much on cotton pads but I figured I’d try them out while they’re on sale! Lol.
  2. Dior Addict Lip Maximizer: I LOVE dior lip products and I’ve never tried this one! I’ve heard really good things about it. I’m ordering it in the color “Pink.”
  3. Cashmere Mist Deodorant: this is hands down my FAVORITE deodorant. Both me and my mom use this stuff and it smells AMAZING. I’ve never tried a deodorant that smells so great and works so well. I’m stocking up on this while it’s on sale!
  4. Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment: I’ve talked about this stuff a few times before. It’s become a staple in my skincare routine. It is quite expensive so when it’s on sale I’m definitely going to be stocking up on it.
  5. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo: I love this stuff! I currently use it in the color “Chocolate.” I’m not out of it yet, but I’m going to be soon so I figured I’d repurchase it while it’s on sale!
  6. Mac Prep + Prime Highlighter: I used to use this a while ago and I recently saw it at my cousin’s apartment and I said to her that I wanted to start using this again! I ran out of my last one so I need to repurchase it. I use it in the color “Light Boost.”

There ya have it! My Weekly Recap! I hope you all enjoyed!

Thanks for reading!
XO, Lauren


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