Hi friends!! Today I’m bringing you inside my bathroom to share why I recently started to LOVE shaving. Let’s be honest – shaving is just an annoying task, right? I never thought I’d see that day where I actually looked forward to shaving. BUT the day is here my friends, and it’s all because of my Billie razor!

I actually bought my first Billie razor MONTHS ago and took it with us on our road trip from Vegas to CT and I accidentally left it in one of the hotels. MAJOR bummer. Anyway – I immediately ordered another Billie razor because they’re 1. super affordable and 2. I felt like no other razor could compare to that one!

After leaving it in the hotel room, I realized that going back to other razors just wouldn’t cut it. First of all, other razors are SO expensive, and for no reason! They’re not amazing and they really don’t give a good shave. Second of all, I had gotten so used to the shave that the Billie razor gave me, that no other razor could do it justice.

The best part about Billie is that you get refills sent to you each month (for only $9!!!) ! They ask you how often you shave, every day, a few times a week, or once a week. Your refills will be sent depending on the amount that you shave each week. For example, I selected “a few times a week” so my refills will be sent every 2 months.

Billie also has some great shave cream (not necessary but SO nice!) and they have a really nice body lotion (that I love), too!

Can you see why I love shaving now?! Billie razors are SO good and SO affordable!

Thanks for reading!

XO, Lauren

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